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Rummage Sale Guidelines for Sellers
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Rummage Sale Guidelines for Sellers


Quick Run-Down

  • BUY A TABLE: Tables are 6 by 3 feet (a standard folding table that seats 8-10 people), limit 2 tables per member. The tables are not assigned. First come, first serve.
  • NO BUSINESS PROMOTION: Keep in mind that you cannot represent a businesses or sell on behalf of a business, nonprofit or church – that means no signs, banners, fliers or other promotional materials, unless you are a Rummage Sale Sponsor.
  • SELL SAFE AND “LIKE-NEW” STUFF: Our members have a discerning eye and are looking for high quality deals at a great price – that means puzzles have all their pieces, clothes are stain and hole-free… as a responsible seller, please make sure the items you are selling have not been recalled, especially baby equipment – check the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (The club takes no responsibility for the quality of items sold.)
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Yes, it quickly becomes a big mess when clothes are in piles on tables. The best way to organize the clothes is bring your own portable racks and bins – to hang clothes on hangers and to sort things by size, sex, or season in tubs. And please bring your own price tags and stickers!
  • PRICE TO SELL: Pricing is important…  we suggest prices lower or comparable to Ebay, Craigslist or used kids stuff shops. Keep in mind that there will be about 50 families selling. Displaying price tags is not mandatory but strongly suggested. Buyers will respond more favorably to the items that have been priced. If, for example, you have many pieces of baby clothes, you might consider doing flat pricing and attaching a pricing sheet to your table.
  • BE THERE FROM SET-UP TO CLEAN-UP: 7:15am haul it in and at noon clean up and check out procedures start. You might consider having someone with you to help you sell, set up and break-down.
  • DONATE UNSOLD ITEMS: Unfortunately we were not able to get any organization to pick up leftover items this year. So you will not be able to leave items, you will need to be prepared to take home any unsold items.


Location: The Pavilion in Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto is a 10,000 sq ft gym and is located at 4000 Middlefield Road.  The cross streets are San Antonio Road and Charleston.

Parking: Volunteers will be directing you to the best parking spots available. (Click on the Cubberley map – the dark gray areas show parking spaces. The Pavilion is leftmost light gray building on the map.) But just so you know here are best parking spots:

  • Main lot in front of the building, that is between the Middlefield Road and the Pavilion.
  • A large lot behind the Pavilion – once you pass the Pavilion and make a right turn you will see it.



Time Activity
7:15am Sellers set up begins
8:10am Doors open to PAMP Volunteers & Leadership Team
8:30am Doors open to PAMP Members
9:30am Doors open to everyone!
12:00pm Doors close to buyers and clean up, check out begins
1:00pm Everyone and Everything Out! All clean up and check out needs to be complete

Set Up: Each table is 6 ft by 3 ft. For better table locations, please arrive early! There are NO table assignments, it’s first come first serve (with the exception of those who buy two tables).  If you booked two tables together we will have those sectioned off, but if you want to move to another part of the center you will need to arrive at exactly 7:15 a.m. to make that switch.  Please bring along a hand truck or other means of transporting your sale items to the Pavilion, especially if your items are large or heavy. It is ok to bring an extra clothes hanging rack to allow for more selling space.

Check Out Procedures: We ask that you stay until the end of the sale. If you sell out prior to noon please find a sale volunteer for check out procedures. The sale ends at 12pm. Tear-down after the sale ends is 1 hour. Please make sure your area is completely vacant by 1pm. Before you leave, you need to clean up your table and surrounding area, and pack up any unsold items.


Tips for Success

Here are some tried and true tips to ensure you have a successful sale:

  1. Sort before you sell! Sort items by gender, age or category-whatever is most appropriate for what you are selling. This helps customers pick items quickly and easily.
  2. Make it Clear! Bring price tags and sticks to mark prices on all items.
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words! For large, oversized items (furniture, play yards, big toys, etc.) bring a picture along. There’s no reason you can’t sell something just because you can’t lug it along with you to the sale.
  4. Money, Money, Money! Please bring a LOT of change with you. Cash paying customers will appreciate the correct change.
  5. Bring bags of various sizes to pack the sold items
  6. A little Give & Take! Expect people to bargain and decide ahead of time if your prices are fixed or negotiable and let your customers know.
  7. Please make sure all the sale items include all assembly pieces, are in good working order, clean and in usable form.


Checklist of Items to Bring:

  1. Price tags
  2. A hanging rack and bins (to stay organized)
  3. Hand truck to carry any heavy items
  4. Bottled water (don’t forget to hydrate!)
  5. Extra hands if you can get them!
  6. Extra bags to give to buyers
  7. Cash and change!