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Best of the Forum: What Does Me Time Look Like?

Posted By Administration, Friday, April 8, 2016

Maybe I’m totally off my rocker hoping for this, but does anyone have a good routine going where they are able to find/make time to be creative? I have hobbies like sewing or journaling and writing that I want to explore. Not to mention I’d love to make time for meditating and exercise. I know I could cut out tv altogether and probably find the time to do some of this. But I’m just so tired–vegging out in front of the tv is so easy at the end of the day!

So–for those of you who actually squeeze in some creative/healthy “me time” into your day or week, can you tell me how you do it? What have you given up? What times of the day do you find best for getting stuff done? (waking up early, doing it after kids go down, both). How do you motivate yourself to prioritize this stuff?

My husband and I have a routine where he takes the kids on Saturday mornings and I go for a run. I take the kids on Sunday mornings and he plays soccer. It’s only once a week, but at least it’s something as far as exercise.

Being able to fit in me-time pretty much depended on what my kids’ sleeping schedule was. With my first son, I was lucky that he would sleep in so I would wake up before everyone and do a workout or go run. I also tried to take advantage of nap-time to get things done. Now with two, it’s a bit more complicated, but when the baby sleeps, I try to do some yoga and my 3 year old has learned that he can either join me or keep busy with something (I try to set him up with some activity or books). I have to take advantage of me-time early in the day because by evening I’m too tired, but I don’t beat myself up if I don’t end up getting much done. I just try to do better the next day. Motivation isn’t so much the key as discipline, but what usually motivates me is to remember how much better I will feel doing an activity for me vs. wasting time on the internet (which is my vice).


It’s a hard problem! I find the only time I can be sure to get me time is before my kids wake up or after they are in bed. So, I get up at 5am to exercise and I spend time sewing at 9.30pm or so in the evening. It’s hard to motivate myself some days to sew, but once I get started I am always glad I did that instead of watching TV.

The key for me is to line things up so that it’s really easy to do these things. For example, I have my running clothes all lined up ready so that I just have to get out of bed and put them on. For sewing, I trace out my patterns on the weekend while my kids are doing art projects so that when the evening rolls around I can get onto the more fun parts.

I also find that following creative people/groups on
facebook/pintrest/blogs inspires me and motivates me to make the time to sew or do other projects.

The other thing that people keep reminding me is that this is pretty temporary, as the kids get older and more independent it’s much easier to sneak in time here or there even if it is between driving them from place to place.

Currently, my me time is. . . work! The good part is I get a chance to think about and do things other than housework, family social planning, meal planning, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. The challenge is that when I’m not at work, I want to spend every free second with my daughter, which means I dont prioritize exercise, hobbies, etc. And when her Dad takes her somewhere for their special time, I always start doing stuff on my “to do” list instead of taking a break.

I think it’s a mindset challenge most of all!

I’m so glad you posted this question and look forward to hearing how other parents manage this.

Sometimes I think I should have caffeine in the afternoon to try to have enough energy for the things I want to do for myself in the evening. But then I worry about not sleeping right…

My me time is a Starbucks run with my husband. We take the baby there but usually I feed her first and then she is happy sitting in the infant car seat watching people while we are sipping coffee.

During naps (he currently take two) I’ll spend one cleaning up a bit and taking a quick shower, the other reading a book or watching a show. Also after he goes to bed at 6:30/7pm my husband and I usually have dinner together, then read our iPads for a bit and then watch a show. I go on a 45-60 min walk with my son in the stroller everyday (well not lately, I broke my knee and had surgery last week) and I have a nanny or my mom who comes three times a week for a few hours so I usually do an exercise class or meet a friend for coffee/run errands.

If you can afford a babysitter a couple days a week that helps a ton! If not, and depending on how old your child is, maybe you could trade off with another mom and drop your child off for two hours and get down free time in exchange for giving her the same relief another day of the week?

Also lots of exercise studios offer childcare so I’ve done that, too.

Good luck!

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