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Apps for your Special Needs Child

Posted By Communications Manager, Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Technology has brought about many different tools that help special needs children. The market is saturated with apps for every possible need. From entertainment to education purposes apps have become an integral part of living in the digital world. Filtering through the different apps from paid and free can be overwhelming.

There are many different apps specifically to help children with special needs, but here are a few of our favorites:

1.    ProloQuo2Go - This app is a favorite among speech therapists. Although the high price tag ($249.99) might seem a bit steep, it is one of the leading programs for speech improvement. The app is meant to help those with speech or communication issues to practice their communication and language skills. The app also has customization in that it can be adapted for different levels as well as can be adjusted for different fine-motor, visual, and cognitive skills.

2.    Story builder - This app is an all-around great education app for children. The app is meant to help students put together paragraphs and boosts their reading skills. This particular app is great for children with autism because it extensively uses audio clips in aiding with the storytelling process. This audio feature enhances audio-lingual processing and gives children with special needs another way of stimulating their sensory learning.

3.    Speech with Milo - This is another app that is great for enhancing speech and communication skills. Developed by a speech therapist, the app is great for not only education purposes but for entertainment purposes as well. Children become in engaged in the learning process with the help of the animated mouse, Milo. 

1.    Dexteria - Another top app for special needs children is Dexteria. This app helps with fine motor skills as well as develop handwriting readiness. By taking full advantage of the multi-touch surface of a smartphone or tablet, Dexteria uses a series of games and activities to practice fine motor skills and build control as well as strength and accuracy.

2.    Abilipad - Developed by an occupational therapist, the app is a great way to develop handwriting skills as well as can function as a form of communication because of the text-to-speech feature. The app is essentially a keyboard app that can be customized to the user.

3.    See.Touch.Learn- An interactive learning tool designed specifically for children with autism or special needs. The app takes the initial idea behind picture flash cards and uses technology to enhance the benefits of this simple exercise. Users can create custom flashcards, but also comes with a vast starter set with high quality photos. Other sets are also available to purchase within the app.

4.    The Social Express - The online interactive program is used to help develop social skills with children. The app uses animation and high quality visual presentations to get children to be interactive in learning.

These are just some of the apps that are available to help special needs children develop their various skills and enhance learning. There are plenty of others for parents and children to practice with to find the right ones that work for their family.

Hilary Smith is a freelance journalist based out of Chicago. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Hilary attended St. Stephen's Episcopal School and Northwestern University's school of journalism. Upon graduation, she turned her love of technology into a freelance writing career. After becoming a mother, she began focusing on writing about family and parenting in the digital age.

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