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PAMP Groups
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What is a PAMP Group?

As a member of PAMP you are part of a large group of parents. To help you connect with other parents in a smaller group atmosphere, we have a variety of PAMP Groups. These groups are available to all members to join, and they have their own pages and area on the website for you to connect and communicate with each other. You may join as few or as many of these PAMP Groups as you wish, and you may browse the Group pages without joining the group to learn more what they are about and view the group membership.


How do you find Groups?

You can click here for the "Find Groups" page.

In addition, on the menu on every website page there is a top level menu item called "Groups". Hover on this item, and you will see the Group categories, and then hover on a category and you will see all of the groups of that type. Selecting any of the groups will put you to the group page, where you can see who the members are, as well as any events or other group activity.


How do you form a new Group?

If you want to form a new Group, all you need to do is fill out this form. PAMP staff will create the group on the system, and help you to communicate out to the rest of PAMP about the new group.