Personalized care for your special delivery


Every baby’s birth is a special delivery at El Camino Hospital. Attentive, compassionate nurses will do all they can honor your birth preferences— whether it’s a more holistic experience with midwife assistance or specialists with expertise in high-risk pregnancies. We are committed to a patient-centered, family friendly environment and we welcome the chance to help with your new addition.

How to Get the Most out of your PAMP Membership


Welcome to a new series of articles which we hope will help you to get the most out of your PAMP Membership. Each month we will highlight 1 or 2 features of your membership that you may not be aware of, or may know about but not be sure exactly how to take advantage of the benefit.

Welcome 2 More New PAMP Staff Members!


Last month, we announced two new staff members — a new Membership Manager and a new Operations Manager. This month we would like to welcome 2 more new staff members: Jacqui Marchessini as our new Development Manager and Kristin Mulderig as our new Programs Administrator.

Member Musings: Holidays!


This time of year can be so magical for our little ones. While the consumer aspect of the holidays has gotten a bit out of hand (in my opinion), I can still revel in the imagery and beauty everyday people create in order to bring out happiness in others (and themselves) at this time of year. 

Find Qualified Babysitters & Nannies with UrbanSitter


Looking for a better way to find babysitters? Try UrbanSitter!

Founded by three Bay Area moms, UrbanSitter is a website and app to find sitters recommended by people you know.

Simply create a FREE account and identify your parenting groups (PAMP, child’s school, etc.) to see a selection of sitters whom your friends and fellow PAMP parents have hired and reviewed.

Holiday Art Ideas for Kids — and Why Art is Important

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Two year old Eric loves going to the park. His mom makes it a priority to plan play dates as well as attend weekly classes and story time at the library. She knows that all these activities are both fun and contribute positively to Eric’s healthy growth, development and learning.

Member Musings: Local Ways to Give Back

Photo by Rebecca Alison
Are you inspired to give back this holiday season? Below are some easy ways to get involved right now!


Here are two local nonprofits with great reputations who have clear, user-friendly websites that PAMP members can easily interact with:

PlushCare – A Virtual Urgent Care

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PlushCare is a virtual urgent care that serves both adults and children. Unlike other urgent cares, we do all visits with you either over the phone or on video chat. Our highly trained doctors from the best institutions in the world can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for common medical problems all with the click of a button saving you precious time and money. Visits are only $45, no insurance needed.

The Reason Every Kid Should Talk Back to Their Parents

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The parent in me wants to squash every little insurrection as quickly as possible. But the psychologist in me is glad when my children say “No.” This is why…

Sunlight is dawning across the living room floor, and the dollhouse is full of Lego Star Wars action figures. They’re sleeping in beds, sitting

Member Musings: Breathe


The holidays are often a stressful time, as much as they are also a time of cheer and reconnecting with friends and family. This time can be very emotional and full of all the wonderful and trying things that come with being in community. This year, try to

Need Help with Preschool Admissions?


KidAdmit simplifies the admissions process so you can focus on getting into the best preschool for your family.

Create a FREE account to start discovering which preschools are the best fit. Make side-by-side comparisons between your top schools. Keep track of deadlines and school tours. Finally, send your applications directly to your selected schools from KidAdmit’s online platform.

Kickstart Giving With Your Kids

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My friends have been asking for simple tips on how to encourage giving with their kids. As with most things in life, there’s no magic formula. There’s also no shortage of online advice for teaching generosity and kindness to kids. I’ve summarized some of my favorite sites below for your scanning pleasure. My biggest piece of advice as a mom of a three- and five-year-old is just start doing something.

Making Smart Decisions about Feeding Young Kids

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When it comes to feeding infants and toddlers, parents today are bombarded by numerous, conflicting messages on what do: you should trust your children’s appetites and let them eat what they want, but don’t let them become overweight or there will be serious physical and psychological consequences; you should teach your children

Thank you to our December Sponsors!


A big thanks to our December sponsors   International School of the PeninsulaCare.comLucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and Peninsula School. These 4 sponsors continue to show their support of PAMP with their 4th consecutive month of sponsorship.

The sponsorship fees are used to support PAMP’s wide array of programs, events and services, so please thank our sponsors for their generous support.

Derive & Discover: A Path to Math

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IEM innovates and implements their method of learning to develop “Thinkers” and “Problem Solvers,” allowing children to appreciate, contribute to, and thrive in an increasingly competitive global market through Mathematics. Unlike other programs that focus on memorization and repetition, IEM programs harness the power of the right brain, enabling students to grasp math concepts at a fundamental level. Students learn to ask questions and view and solve problems creatively. New classes starting this fall for children ages 3.5-10 years.