Letter from the President: Calling All Members!


The New Year is a time to reflect upon what we’ve done, how we’ve felt, what we’ve learned, and what we would like to be. During the last quarter of 2010, the PAMP Board of Directors embarked upon this analysis so that our club could begin the New Year with PAMP’s core mission at the forefront of our decisions. As a result, our Leadership Team worked with a professional consulting team to review each facet of our club. We asked ourselves many questions including:

  • What is a successful experience with PAMP?
  • How do we ensure a positive experience?
  • How do we sustain one of the Bay Area’s largest non-profit parents club solely on volunteerism?
  • Are we serving our mission?

Collectively, we created a Tactical Plan to be implemented immediately and a Strategic Plan to follow over the next six years, with annual reviews. In order to guarantee that this project begins promptly, we are announcing an important paid six-month position in the PAMP organization. The position for Project Manager is vital to the success of the club and, as such, carries a myriad of significant responsibilities. Fortunately, we know that our club consists of endless talent and if you are looking for a project to get yourself back into the corporate world, or if you just want to give back to an amazing organization that helps so many families, please reach out. A detailed job description can be found on BigTent as well as on our website at www.pampclub.org. We look forward to receiving resumes from our members and giving our parents the opportunity to be a part of this exciting time. Please send all resumes and inquiries to jobs@pampclub.org.
Kindest regards,
Heather Davila
PAMP President

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