Letter from the President


Greetings, bonjour, ni hao, namaste, hola!

Did you know there are over 2796 languages in which we can say hello and thank you?  Being a part of the PAMP membership  is a wonderful way our families can share in learning about the many cultures that fulfill community. I was reminded of this recently at two of PAMP’s marquee events. The PAMP Preschool  and Elementary School Fairs  attract over 75 educators and hundreds of families looking for direction on whether their child is ready to move ahead and what program fits the family’s core values. This is a topic that all our families can relate to and brings us all together for conversation and support.  We would like to thank Parents Place and Stephanie Agnew for leading the discussion on choosing a preschool and Joan Baran from Children’s Health Council for speaking on kinder readiness. I would also like to thank our additional sponsors and all the  participants who made these events happen. If I knew how to say thank you in 2796 languages, it would all be dedicated to the community and our amazing PAMP volunteers.



Heather Davila

PAMP President

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