Letter from the President


A while back a member asked the forum about how to teach our kids to really appreciate what they have. This summer during a 3-month trip to Europe with my preschooler, I thought of this question and realized that sometimes adults need a reminder to appreciate what we have too. That time away helped me realize how fortunate I am to live where I live and to have the community that I have here, and in particular, how fortunate I am to be a part of the PAMP community. There is nothing I cherish more than the amazing group of PAMP members I have the privilege to work with, learn from and call friends.

The holidays are a great time to revive the spirit of appreciation. This year I am especially appreciative of PAMP’s amazing progress. In 2011, PAMP marked its 20th anniversary. To facilitate the transition from the small club founded in 1991 to a thriving club on solid footing for the future, PAMP developed and implemented a new Strategic Plan. As part of this plan, we built a new website, reorganized volunteer positions to better serve our members’ interests, introduced new volunteer appreciation strategies, and made loads of infrastructure changes which, while invisible to most members, position the club for a stable and strong future. One of the largest challenges identified in our Strategic Plan was how to maintain a level of consistency from year to year. Being dependent on volunteers for all aspects of organizational management can lead to information and relationship gaps. To address this need for consistency, PAMP will hire an Executive Director who will help us in numerous ways, including transitioning and acclimating new board members, maintaining relationships with community businesses and sponsors, and facilitating events and programs for our members.

Lots of changes have taken place this year, and more are to come in 2012. I hope you, our PAMP community, will continue to provide us with the feedback and comments that are simply invaluable to us. As you travel across the country to be with family this month or get ready to host and entertain here at home, I hope you will find a quiet moment to reflect on the year and think back to all the times PAMP community has come to the rescue in the form of advice, a recommendation or all the wisdom that comes from our 3000+ member families. I hope you will be inspired to give back, and I encourage each and every one of you to find just a few hours per month to help us keep PAMP growing and flourishing. Thank you for being a part of the PAMP community.

Happy Holidays!

Tatyana Ventura

PAMP Presdient 2011-2012

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