Letter from the Board of Directors


Are you thinking about the election? Not that election, but the PAMP 2012 election, of course! The 2012 PAMP election is very much on the minds of the PAMP Board of Directors these days.

After a whirlwind year, the 2011-2012 Board term is coming to an end. We have been so very fortunate to have assembled a talented and dedicated team of volunteers to serve on the Board this past year. And what an incredible and busy year it was!  In a matter of months, the current Board achieved the lofty goals set forth in PAMP’s Strategic and Tactical Plans. Then the Board went beyond those goals and made greater strides in strengthening our organization and positioning it to better serve our overall membership and community.

Through the efforts of the current Board, we are happy to report that the 2012-2013 Board will have greater capacity to increase its focus on strategy, our membership and our programs. We are also thrilled that almost everyone on the current Board wishes to remain on the Board for the next term. This continuity will allow the Board to continue building on the momentum it has developed over the last year.

There are still, however, positions available for the upcoming term. We invite you to consider serving on the Board. Not only will you fulfill your volunteer commitment to PAMP, but you will have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, supportive and productive team. For more information about the positions, please visit http://pampclub.org/site/support/. But act now, as we intend to complete the slate by mid-February so that we can begin the voting process.

Voting for the PAMP Board is one of the most important things you can do as a PAMP member. Under PAMP’s bylaws, we must receive votes from a certain percentage of members for the election to be effective. Therefore, your vote is necessary for our organization to continue to function effectively.

The election is expected to begin later this month. We encourage you to vote as soon as you receive the notice that the election is open. Voting only takes a few moments and is incredibly simple. Please do your part to support PAMP and cast your vote for the 2012-2013 Board of Directors.

Parents’ Club of Palo Alto & Menlo Park
Board of Directors

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