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This month we mined the archives to bring you member recommendations for local parks with water features and farms that offer berry picking.



I know Mitchell Park has a great area with water fountains for kids to play in, but I was wondering if anyone else has any favorite parks in the area with water play features. Ideally the fountains would be smaller to accommodate crawling babies and younger toddlers.  

SUMMARY: Parks with water features


Jack Fisher: 


Cupertino Civic Center Community Hall and Library: “amazing water plumes” 


Shoup: “… a creek. If water is still there, it is a lot of fun.”

Marymeade: “Small park with a rock water feature that wets sand.”


Cornelis Bol Park: “Has a stream which the kids can wade in and float paper boats on, very shallow. Also shady, cool.”


Rinconada Pool:   


Stafford: “Wonderful and has a water play area just for toddlers in addition to a large fountain water play area for mostly bigger kids.” “Open play area; water comes out of the ground.”

Stulsaft: “Big crayons that are fountains.” “Attracts smaller children than Stafford and is perfect for the under 5 set.” “Really cute, but it gets so crowded. The water features are only on for certain hours of the day and are packed and not really safe for crawling babies. (I have 14-month-old twins and do not take them.) My 6-year-old enjoys them when they are not too crowded.” “Fountains on timers.” “Water starts at 11:00.” “Water off 12–1p and 3–4p.” “Not crowded during week.”

Maddux: “Very small sprayer and river in sand area”

Andrew Spinas 


Ryder Court: “Next to Seal Point at the Bay. It has a great area with water spraying right out of the ground without the pool.” 


Serra: (Note: This park is currently under construction.)

Ortega: “Similar to Mitchell Park”

Las Palmas:

Washington: “Has water in the little tots play area. …the whole area is sand so the water is also in an area with sand … gets pretty muddy dirty.”



I am looking into taking my daughter to a berry-picking farm. I searched the web and  did find some choices. But I wanted to check with all of you and see if there is any place you recommend.

-Webb Ranch in Portola Valley. You pay a fee to cover “tasting” in the field and then per pound for whatever you take home. The good ones required a little hunting, but you can definitely find them, especially as you get a little farther from the entrance. They also have a little picnic area with a playhouse. My only advice: Go right when they open if the day is going to get hot because there is basically zero shade.

-Phipps Country Store in Pescadero.

– It’s worth the drive to Swanton Berry Farm near Santa Cruz. The berries are organic, harvested by union labor, and delicious! There is a farm stand with amazing berry treats. The field is right across Hwy 1, so you can see the ocean while you pick strawberries. This place is fantastic!

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