Member Musings: Tennis Balls and Laundry Baskets


A couple of weeks ago, my son was lucky enough to spend a week with his great grandparents. In preparation for our trip I crammed tons of toys and books into suitcases. When we left, I was nervous that I didn’t pack enough to entertain my son for an entire week.

Lucky for us, my grandfather was on top of it. A truck and a few books was all I really needed to bring. My son loved transforming everyday objects into toys. A piece of plywood became a ramp for his favorite truck to zoom down. Tennis balls could be tossed into laundry baskets or secretly hidden under the couch. A truck could zoom around the oval-shaped “racecar track” coffee table. And when we needed a change of scenery, the elevator down the hall was better than any amusement park ride.

It was such a relief to see my son having great fun with everyday objects. It’s easy to forget that sometimes the most mundane objects make the best toys. Toys are wonderful. But an empty box and a little imagination can be even better.

Originally published on by CherylBac.

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