5 Questions for the Outgoing Executive Director

Photo courtesy of Amourence Lee

Photo courtesy of Amourence Lee

This month, Amourence Lee is stepping down as PAMP’s (first-ever) executive director. She joined PAMP about three years ago as project director, and quickly moved into the role of executive director. Her passion and drive have made a lasting impact with the organization, including many positive developments over a long period of growth. Amourence is staying on as a consultant, so she won’t be too far away!

With her term coming to a close, Amourence sat down to answer some questions about her experiences with PAMP.

How has PAMP changed since you’ve been onboard?
The organization has changed a lot. PAMP has come better into focus about what the organization is doing and why — and doing it in more sustainable and systematic way. There has been a lot of restructuring and building out volunteer positions, which has made volunteering more rewarding. Volunteers are now able to plug in easier, and tackle bite-size pieces. They walk away with smiles saying, “I can do that again.” When everyone takes a small bite, volunteer satisfaction is higher.

What are some highlights from your time as Executive Director?
One of the most rewarding parts of the job in working with PAMP for last three years is seeing the tremendous skill and passion from volunteers and members regarding community building. It has been great to meet these amazing parents that have a picture of what PAMP could be, using their time, energy and dedication to make their vision come true. I also worked with three different boards of directors over the years. Unequivocally, board members came in and worked very hard, and left the organization better than when they came on. There has been constant improvement with the board and organization, which has been great to see.

What are your hopes for PAMP in the future?
My hope is that PAMP can continue to focus on building connection and experience for members. PAMP is in a good place to really drill down and dig into the challenge of more local playgroups or other ways to help members to connect and form friendships and support. In this hyper-social tech world, people are feeling isolated. PAMP has set out to overcome this challenge, utilizing technology in a way that is not a substitute for community interaction, but instead initiates and facilitates it.

What’s next for you?
I would love to have more time to organize my garage and take care of odds and ends, go back to yoga and start Zumba. I’m excited to start a period of time where I can focus on myself, and then see what happens. Community building and organizational management is in my blood — I’m sure I will find a way back to it!

Any last words?
I feel really grateful to have had this experience with PAMP. I appreciate how special it is to be in a job where I can be a parent – the kind of parent I want to be. I was able to pick up my son from school, and also work in bed during pregnancy when I was sick. I got a lot out of this job, including ideas and resources that helped me to be a better parent.

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