Member Musings: The name is M-O-M


As a parent you want to ensure that you raise your kids right, or to the best of your abilities at least.

Part of that is teaching them how to be ready for the world. Making sure they know their name, address, phone number and teaching them that you, Mom (or Dad), have your very own first name, too.

What I didn’t realize is that one day my oh-so cool 3.5 year old would stroll into the house after preschool one day and say, “Hi Chanden.”

As I tried to hide my amused smirk and giggle, I looked over and said, “Hello there.” I found myself stuck.

Now, I don’t want him to get the wrong idea that that is not my first name. But I didn’t go through what I did to make that miniature being call me by my first name.

What I wanted to turn around and say, “Hello there… by the way, the name is Mom! I earned it and deserved to be called by that rightful name. So use it – sir.”


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