Five Questions for a PAMP Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simone

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simone

Kristina Simone is a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) Coordinator for PAMP. She enjoys being able to utilize her skills as an event planner, as well as finding creative ways to help parents feel special.

Kristina likes to focus what she hopes will be the most fun places to have a MNO. She beams, “I have the pleasure of planning fun monthly social get-togethers for PAMP members!”

Some of her duties include talking with local businesses and scouting locations that might work for an event. The MNO events, while usually not free, are at a greatly reduced price due to this partnering with local businesses.

“My goal is to plan successful, fun events for tired and/or stressed parents so they can take a break and unwind,” Kristina says.

Kristina, a PAMP member for almost three years, previously hosted Blanket Babies in Menlo Park, and has also volunteered at the 2013 and 2014 PAMP Rummage Sales. She and her husband have a very active and curious almost-two-year-old daughter who likes to keep them on their toes.

1. What is the last non-kid movie you saw? Enough Said.

2. Are you a Bay Area native or transplant? Transplant military spouse!

3. What’s at the top of your to-do list? Find our perfect house and BUY!

4. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? I would have to say Elmo since he lights up my daughter’s face.

5. Why are you a PAMP volunteer? Attending events as a new mom was a great way to meet other wonderful families. The social outlet and support I found here as a new mom was amazing, so I just wanted to become more involved in this great organization.

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