Member Musings: Late Night Entertainment


What are the odds that the baby could top last night’s performance? Because last night she pooped in the tub. And it was entertaining and indirectly helpful. Entertaining because I thought about that dookie scene in Caddyshack, that and my wife’s reactions to the baby’s excremental behavior are always worth a chuckle. Then the baby upped the ante by developing a double ear infection and conjunctivitis last night, cried a lot, contributing generously to a night short on sleep before her father, your narrator, needed to get up really early for an 8 hour clinical shift in Vallejo.

So what, you ask, did the little tiger do to top that performance? Upon administration of her second daily dose of antibiotics, she splurtled and gurgled and did everything in her power to resist the administration of this medication. Such was the battle between parents and child that my wife and I were laughing at how pathetic it was — our defeat at the mouth of a 15 month old. Yeah, it was REALLY FUNNY. …until she threw up the medicine. Really. Funny.



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