Member Musings: When You’ve Got Your Health . . .


My co-workers are starting to dread seeing my face. I am almost certain of it. Oh, sure, no one has actually SAID anything, but I can tell. Why? Because as the mom of a germ-infested and virus-propagating toddler, I get sick about once a month. And each sickness seems to last about two weeks. Which leaves me, in a good month, quasi-healthy for maybe half the month. So the odds that I am carrying some sort of bug at any given time are about 50/50, I think (but math was never my strong suit).

What about all those good habits that they say will help? Well, let’s see…

Wash your hands often. Um, yeah. I have a grimy toddler who has turned smearing his food on me and other surfaces an art. Not to mention we’re still enjoying diaper changes and, what with him being the joyful bearer of much mucus, many nose-wipings. So, yeah, you could say that I wash my hands often.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sound advice. And I would love to, I really would. But the problem is I have a sick toddler who wakes up several times a night because HE doesn’t feel well. In lieu of being able to make this happen, I have resorted to the newborn-inspired coping mechanism of “sleep when the baby sleeps.” I’m not sure this helps (I’m still sick, right?), but when I am dragging by naptime, I sure do welcome the excuse to fall into bed (for my health, you know) instead of getting things done during one of the sole periods of the day that I can actually accomplish something.

Eat healthy foods. I manage to stick to this pretty well when I am actually at work. Our company café makes it easy by color-coding all the food and subsidizing the healthier options. So I always choose green or yellow. But when I am not at work (i.e. home with a sick toddler or over the weekend), my intentions of eating healthy foods spiral into shoveling cold mouthfuls of excess mac n’ cheese into my pie hole while standing over the sink and hoping that Hush Little Polar Bear did the trick and my little bear will decide to nod off.

Hmmm. Here’s what I think might help… a full-body HEV suit, a well-cast Episkey spell (if only I knew Harry or Hermione), or a few weeks in the Caribbean. Heck, maybe Hawaii would do it. I’m willing to try!


Fearsome Kitty is hoping for a less sickly 2014. All this illness is building our immune systems, right?

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