Member Musings: Thoughts on the Family Bed


I may not get the best night’s sleep, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Around the world, the “family bed”, or cosleeping, is more common than it is here in the states. My child is getting older, and so the bed is getting more cramped. Sometimes he is snuggled up on my chest, bringing me so much joy. Other times, his knees are poking into my back and his arm is choking my neck.

He sleeps in between my husband and myself. People often ask, “What about intimate partner time?” We still find time for that — we just need to be more creative (which can also be more fun)!

Every morning, I see my child’s beautiful face and know that this time is short. He will soon be grown, and will soon be snuggling his own babies. I am grateful for this time together.

And yet, I really AM getting the best night’s sleep, knowing that no matter what happens throughout the day, my son and I come back to this snuggle-zone place each night, reconnecting and sharing love, laying the foundation for a strong relationship throughout all of his years.


Mama B

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