Kindness to the Earth — This Earth Day and Every Day!

Photo by sunfrog1 (Frank Tellez)

Photo by sunfrog1 (Frank Tellez)

The theme of reduce, reuse, and recycle has become a part of our collective consciousness, right up there with wi-fi and coffee. We all know about it, we all know it’s a good thing, but how many of us actually put it into practice?

Why should we put it into practice?

More than just a triad of feel-good buzzwords, the eco-friendly Three Rs are a way of life that incorporates our theme of kindness. Be kind to Mother Nature, and she’ll be kind to you.

Reduce. Do you like to breathe? Me, too. By reducing the number of trips you take in the family truckster, you can reduce your annual contribution to air pollution. I’m not saying that you should walk everywhere, but simple steps like carpooling or parking in a central location in order to accomplish several errands within walking distance can really add up.

Reuse. Anyone who grew up during the Great Depression or World War II is a past master of this trick. Outgrown clothes? Pass them down to the next kid in the family. Clothes worn out? Cut them up and use the still-good pieces to make quilts and other items. With the arrival of the Internet, inspiration is just a click away. It’s easier than ever now to seek out new ways to use old stuff, rather than wasting resources by buying another impulse item.

Recycle. It’s not just for plastic bottles anymore. Batteries, appliances and metal of all kinds can be recycled. While crossing a bridge one day, my husband and I happened to look down into the creek. Rather than splashing fish and playful raccoons, we saw a washing machine and several tires. My husband was outraged. ”Look at that. People live here for thousands of years, and all they leave are a few arrowheads. We’re here for a couple hundred, and leave a mess like this.” The recycling bug bit us hard that day, and has been hanging on ever since. With a recycling center a matter of blocks away, it wasn’t a difficult decision. Now the only hard part is reminding him to tie a sturdier knot around the old newspapers!

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Three small changes that can add up to big differences. If you’d like to prove it to yourself, try a little experiment at home. For the next month, choose an item to recycle. Cans are a good place to start. Recycle cans for one month, and treat yourself to a trip to the Farmer’s Market or the local garden center with the proceeds.

If you’ve ever tasted a homegrown organic tomato, you know that nature knows how to repay kindness.


Reprinted with permission from Little Pickle Press.


Audrey Sillett Lintner is a homeschooling mom and contributor at Little Pickle Press.



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