Member Musings: Make Mashed Potatoes With Your Kids


Here is a great recipe to use in the kitchen with your kids, along with easy tips to make it fun for everyone!


Mashed Potatoes: 
1. Gather up all the ingredients you need for your special family recipe of Mashed Potatoes.
2. Depending upon the age of your child, they could help peel. If so, find a potato peeler that your child can use safely and have them help peel off the skin. Or you could decide to leave them on. A lot of the nutrients are in the potatoes.
3. Rinse the potatoes together. Have your child put them into a pan that is large enough to hold them covered with water.
4. You place the pan on the stove and boil them. When done, drain the water and wait until they cool a bit and can be handled.
5. Have your child put them into a bowl. Let them add butter. Measure out the amount of milk you need and have it in a pitcher. Allow the child to pour in the milk.
6. Hand your child a masher and let them mash away! Even very young children can try this. Add the other ingredients while you are taking your turns at mashing the potatoes. Once they tire, you can scoop the mixture into a blender and finish the job to the texture your family likes.
7. Try mixing in some cooked vegetables. Mixed in with the potatoes, kids are less likely to notice and balk at eating them.


Note: The trick to making fluffy and tasty mashed potatoes is adding just the right amount of milk. Be sure to cook the potatoes to the right consistency as overcooked potatoes will make your mashed dish runny.




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