Five Questions for a PAMP Article Editor

Photo courtesy of Beth Sheofsky

Photo courtesy of Beth Sheofsky

Pulling together the PAMP newsletter requires a team effort. One integral part of that team is Article Editor Beth Sheofsky. A PAMP member for almost four years, Beth started volunteering by organizing the North Los Altos playgroup, but quickly moved to editing. She says, “I’m an English teacher and a grammar geek, and I love to write, so editing is my type of fun!”

Beth edits and proofread articles, works with authors to clarify their ideas and researches other information that might be included. She also works with the Managing Editor to shape articles that fit with a theme or to make sure that the articles include information that is important to PAMP members.

“Sometimes I’ll do research on topics that I’m not as familiar with (such a educational philosophies, children’s health issues, etc) so that I can be sure that I’m completely understanding what I’m editing,” Beth says. Because of this research, she ends up learning quite a bit. “I edited an article about selecting a preschool a couple of years ago when we were in the process of choosing a preschool for my older son, and my research for the article armed me with all the information that I needed,” she says.

When it comes to PAMP, Beth says her goal is to simply help provide members with great articles and useful information. “I love that I am able to help bring so many interesting and timely articles about parenting to the PAMP community,” says Beth. “I love that I get to learn so much about our members and the community we live in through reading the articles and working with the writers. Being an editor really makes me feel connected to the community.”

Beth loves to explore the Bay Area, spend time outdoors and read together with her husband Larry and two active boys (ages almost-five and two).

1. What is the last non-kid movie you saw? I haven’t seen a movie in a theater for 5 years! And I can’t remember the last time I actually finished watching an entire movie on TV from start to finish.

2. Are you a Bay Area native or transplant? A native. I grew up in Marin, moved to San Francisco in my 20’s, and then continued south to Los Altos.

3. What’s at the top of your to-do list? Where to begin? I just seem to keep adding onto my list and never subtracting. But the biggest project that’s been hanging over my head is printing out and organizing 3-years’-worth of family photos. And sleeping!

 4. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? Grover! He’s a terrible waiter but awesome in Old Spice commercials. And who doesn’t love Super Grover?

5. Why are you a PAMP volunteer? PAMP was my lifeline when I first moved to the area. I’ve met so many great people through this organization, so when I found a way to be a part of it, I jumped at the chance. I think it is so important for parents to work together and support each other, and I want to be a part of an organization that makes that possible.

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