Member Musings: Appreciation from a Long-Time PAMP Member

Having been a member since 1998 — back before we even had an e-mail group, when I spent many hours collating and addressing paper newsletters monthly . . . I think the membership was about 400? . . . and there was much discussion about whether or not to change the name from “Mother’s Club” to “Parents’ Club”  — I appreciate how much work goes in to running, maintaining and growing this amazing resource for so many local parents.   My oldest was just a year, and the playgroup we joined in ’98 was an absolute godsend.

Now that my youngest is almost 13, and my oldest will soon start her senior year of high school, I only really peruse the e-mail list for the odd referral, and may occasionally chime in on a question.  But I do get a tad nostalgic when I see posts about teething, getting toddlers to sleep in their own beds or what/when/how to feed a baby.  Gosh, it’s gone by in a flash!


I know I’m not the only one for whom the connections made here were a godsend over the past 16+ years.  To all of the  current volunteers, putting in so much time to keep this great organization going, and growing,  Thank You! You are appreciated, and the work you are doing is vital to this community.






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