Member Musings: Let’s All Put Our Heads Down. Please.


So today at work, I was sitting at my desk, just sort of staring and not doing anything productive. You know, because I am dragging-tired. Like you are, most days, when you’re parenting a toddler who is going through yet another phase of waking up. Every. Damn. Night.

As I was idly trying to decide between paying for an over-priced, carb-laden snack from our corporate auto-snack kiosk thingy or perusing the goings-on of family, friends and random people on Facebook,  a faint recollection burbled to the top of my mind…

Remember those days in elementary school when your teacher had had it with the class and made everyone put their heads down on their desks? Well, 1) it occurs to me that s/he did this because s/he was dog-tired and had been dealing with a whole CLASSROOM of unruly children and 2) I almost wept at the joyous prospect that someone might not just ask but MAKE me put my head down on my desk.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone turned off the glaring fluorescent lights and said “OK, everyone. Heads down for ten minutes.” I would totally do it. I might do it now, anyway.


Fearsome Kitty would like to sleep 8 hours straight. Preferably in a bed free of flailing toddler limbs, but she is willing to negotiate on that.

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