Member Musings: The Dog Connection


Friends, and strangers, often ask if we enjoy having a new dog in our home. Well….

Adopting our rescue puppy was the single greatest addition to our family since the birth of my child. Our child has a new “brother”, and we have a new (fur) baby. Yes, it has been a lot of work, but isn’t parenting, too? Yes, there is poop to clean up . . . .do I even have to go there?

The most amazing thing about the whole experience is how heart opening it has been. We brought this puppy into our home, and he cuddled up right into our hearts. We can hardly remember a time before he came. Sound familiar?

Clearly, adopting a puppy, or dog, is a commitment. But once you do the research, ready your home and your family, your life will never be the same. For the better. Bring him or her home, and watch as your exercising increases (going on dog walks), you laugh more (dogs are just funny) and witness your child learning how to care for a non-human being (not with force, but just gently learning that another being needs care).


We bring our dog with us on our outings, and he loves seeing and playing with other children. When he does stay home, he’s super excited to see us walk through the door. And what better way to be greeted after a long day at work, running errands or playing at the park?




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