The Parents’ Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park (PAMP) is a diverse group of parents who have come together to form a volunteer-led, non-profit organization to offer community, resources, knowledge, and support on common interests.

PAMP is the largest parent organization on the Peninsula. Founded in 1991 by a small group of mothers, today our membership has grown to ~2,500 extending up and down the Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area, and South Bay.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families with young children, both within our club and our community. PAMP offers an array of services and programs to our members thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Leadership Team, about sixty volunteer members who coordinate programs and serve on the Board of Directors. Every year hundreds more volunteers are mobilized from within our membership and also through organizational partnerships to support our events, subgroups, playgroups and do all the other nitty-gritty work to make PAMP tick. In addition, we have a tiny team of part-time staff that keep our operations and key programs running smoothly.

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PAMP Bylaws



Ann Wondolowski, Operations Manager (opsmanager@pampclub.org)

Brittany Campbell, Events Manager (events@pampclub.org)

Jacqui Marchessini, Development Manager (sponsor@pampclub.org)

Willow Lune, Newsletter Managing Editor (newsletter@pampclub.org)

Elizabeth Fashing, Membership Manager (membership@pampclub.org)

Kristin Mulderig, Programs Administrator (programs@pampclub.org)

Kim Hix, Bookkeeper (accounting@pampclub.org)


Board of Directors

Chanden Moya - Co-President






Chanden Moya, Co-President 

I joined PAMP soon after having my first son in early 2010 and have enjoyed the experience as a member, as well as a volunteer, with my husband and two young boys. I have always had a passion for volunteering as far as I can remember. I work full time as a program manager at a Silicon Valley company but I have always continued to volunteer in the community. I have volunteered in a variety of capacities for PAMP:  speaker series coordinator, (revamping the) discount program, VP Small Events/Board Director 2011-2013, and President 2013-2014 term. I look forward to continuing to serve the PAMP members and community in the Co-President’s role and to cultivate the growth of the organization while staying faithful to the organization’s mission.


Amy Meese - Secretary

Amy Meese, Secretary

I joined PAMP shortly after my first son was born in 2009 and a little over a year after I moved to Mountain View from Boston.  At first, my involvement was limited to searching and posting to the well-stocked forums for information on things like sleep issues or finding a nanny. This involvement evolved to attending and volunteering at events and finally to joining the Board this past year as a VP of Large Events. PAMP has extended beyond a resource to being a big part of my community.  When I am not chasing (or being run over) by my two boys or working as a corporate lawyer at a local Silicon Valley public company, I enjoy cooking, swimming and drinking wine with my husband and friends.


Julia Swenson - Treasurer

Julia Swenson, Treasurer

I began my finance career working for a top 3 investment bank in New York. When my husband and I moved to Los Angeles, my career transitioned to corporate finance at an international entertainment company. After a few years, I decided to follow my dream and founded my own catering company. In early 2013, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world and I once again reinvented myself—making the switch from a full-time business woman to a full-time mom. In October of 2013, my family relocated to the Bay Area and I was immediately impressed by PAMP. What a great way for parents to connect with each other, volunteer, and serve the community. I have been an active member of the Junior League of Los Angeles since 2009 and recently transferred to the Palo Alto—Mid-Peninsula chapter; I have always enjoyed sharing my skills to help a nonprofit in its mission to give back. I jumped at the oppotunity to join the board and look foward to serve in the Treasurer position. I am very excited to learn more about the Silicon Valley community and to serve PAMP to the best of my abilities.


Marissa Song - Legal

Marissa Song, Legal

I have been a member of PAMP since 2006. Being from Los Angeles, I am extremely grateful for the support and resources of PAMP.  I live in Los Altos with my husband and three kids. Now that my kids are older, I welcome the opportunity to give back to PAMP and the community. My oldest son was born with Down syndrome and this has really fueled my passion about giving and creating an accepting and open community. I am an active volunteer and member of the Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network, an all volunteer non-profit organization. My professional experience and community involvement provide me a unique perspective that can help PAMP serve the community. I graduated from UC Berkeley (Economics) and received my J.D. from USC. After working at a large firm in Los Angeles for 5 years, I joined Gilead Sciences, where I have worked full time as a corporate lawyer for the last 9 years. In my free time, I enjoy sewing stuffed animals, learning piano with my kids and building Legos. I am also an expert rainbow loomer and love to sing Frozen songs with my kids.


 Sobels 2014

Sarah Sobel, Board Director – Membership

I joined PAMP in 2011 when we decided to move to Menlo Park and I knew I needed to find other parents nearby. I’m a Bay Area native, but the Peninsula was foreign to me, so I was thrilled to find the vibrant and active community that is PAMP and to make wonderful friends through the organization. Having worked in supply chain management for over a decade I’m now taking time to do preschool drop-off, playdates and trips to the grocery specifically to ride in the carts with cars attached. I have two curious and energetic boys – a preschooler who is completely obsessed trains and a daredevil toddler who will climb anything he sees – who keep me on my toes. I’ve benefited greatly from my experience with PAMP and I’m looking forward supporting our club and its members.


Jennifer Wang - Director,Engagement

Jennifer Wang, Board Director – Engagement

Like many members, I joined PAMP soon after the birth of my first child, in 2009, new to this whole parenting thing. A critical project was to sort out childcare before I returned to work, and it was thanks to the PAMP forums that I was able to find a wonderful nanny.  Since then I’ve discovered what a valuable resource PAMP is, for the advice of the online forums, classifieds, as well as the myriad of small and large events. I grew up out east in West Virginia, but have resided in the Bay Area since 1996.  I currently live in Palo Alto with my husband and two young children.  Professionally, I work full-time as Sr. Director, Customer Success and Professional Services at a Silicon Valley high-tech company.  I am thrilled at the prospect of serving on the PAMP Board to help our members get the most value out of this amazing resource and organization.


Maya Herstein - Outreach

Maya Herstein, Board Director – Outreach

I joined PAMP in 2012 after moving down to the Peninsula from San Francisco. With a one year old in toe, I quickly wanted to familiarize myself with activities and spots that could fill our days with fun and games. I found PAMP to be a tremendous resource for that and for parenting in general.Wishing to pay it forward, I joined the PAMP board in 2013 as VP Communications and my appreciation for this organization has grown even more. I live in Menlo Park with my husband and two lovely daughters. I have work experience in the field of brand marketing and hold a MBA as well as a law degree. I hope to help grow this fantastic group and continue to connect our members to the PAMP community.