The Parents’ Club of Palo Alto and Menlo Park (PAMP) is a diverse group of parents who have come together to form a volunteer-led, non-profit organization to offer community, resources, knowledge, and support on common interests.

PAMP is the largest parent organization on the Peninsula. Founded in 1991 by a small group of mothers, today our membership has grown to ~2,000 extending up and down the Peninsula, San Francisco Bay Area, and South Bay.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families with young children, by providing resources, support and community in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and the surrounding areas.

PAMP offers an array of services and programs to our members thanks to the dedication and hard work of our Leadership Team, about sixty volunteer members who coordinate programs and serve on the Board of Directors. Every year hundreds more volunteers are mobilized from within our membership and also through organizational partnerships to support our events, subgroups, playgroups and do all the other nitty-gritty work to make PAMP tick. In addition, we have a tiny team of part-time staff that keep our operations and key programs running smoothly.

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PAMP Bylaws



Ann Wondolowski, Operations Manager (opsmanager@pampclub.org)

Nerene Fayers, Events Manager (events@pampclub.org)

Brittany Campbell, Events Manager (events2@pampclub.org)

Jacqui Marchessini, Development Manager (sponsor@pampclub.org)

Willow Lune, Newsletter Managing Editor (newsletter@pampclub.org)

Elizabeth Fashing, Membership Manager (membership@pampclub.org)

Kristin Mulderig, Programs Administrator (programs@pampclub.org)

Kim Hix, Bookkeeper (accounting@pampclub.org)


Board of Directors


Sarah Sobel, Co-President

I joined PAMP in 2011 when I moved to Menlo Park and I knew I needed to find other parents to connect with in the neighborhood. I’m a Bay Area native but the Peninsula was foreign to me, so I was thrilled to find the vibrant and active community that is PAMP and to make wonderful friends through the organization.  In 2013 I stepped up my PAMP involvement and became the volunteer host for PAMP science classes at the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo.  I quickly found that volunteering for PAMP was a rewarding experience and I loved attending classes with my son.  Prior to serving as the Co-President I served as the Director of Membership for PAMP, which taught me a lot about how PAMP works and what our members want a need from the organization.  Outside of PAMP I’m the Head of Operations for PandaTree, a local startup that delivers online conversational language tutoring for children.  I have two wonderful sons who love bike riding, grandparents and all things train related.  I’ve benefited greatly from my experience with PAMP and I’m looking forward to further supporting our club and its members.



Maya Herstein, Co-President

I joined PAMP in 2012 after moving down to the Peninsula from San Francisco. With a one year old in tow, I quickly wanted to familiarize myself with activities and spots that could fill our days with fun and games. I found PAMP to be a tremendous resource for that and for parenting in general. Wishing to pay it forward, I joined the PAMP board in 2013 as VP Communications and my appreciation for this organization has grown even more. I continued on the Board last year as the Director of Outreach, and now I am excited to serve as Co-President this year. I live in Menlo Park with my husband and two lovely daughters. I have work experience in the field of brand marketing and hold a MBA as well as a law degree. I hope to help grow this fantastic group and continue to connect our members to the PAMP community.



Marissa Song, Secretary

I have been a member of PAMP since 2006 and served as the Director of Legal, PAMP last year, prior to taking on the role of Secretary this year. I live in Los Altos with my husband and three kids (age 8, 6 and 4). Now that my kids are older, I welcome the opportunity to give back to PAMP and the community. My oldest son was born with Down syndrome and this has really fueled my passion about giving and creating an accepting and open community. I am an active volunteer and member of the Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network, an all volunteer non-profit organization. My professional experience and community involvement provide me a unique perspective that can help PAMP serve the community. I graduated from UC Berkeley and received my J.D. from USC.   After working at a large firm in Los Angeles for 5 years, I joined Gilead Sciences, where I have worked as a corporate lawyer for the last 10 years.




Lisa Raghav, Treasurer

I joined PAMP in spring of 2013 right after I learned we were moving to Palo Alto from Seattle.   I mostly used the forums to find referrals and recommendations for area resources to help get my family settled. Last year I became more involved with PAMP, joining the staff to as Membership and Volunteer Manager.  Through that role I really had a fun opportunity to meet many members and really learn about (and help shape!) all that PAMP has to offer. Now that I have joined the board as Treasurer, I am looking forward to the opportunity to use my professional finance background and continue to help support and shape the future of PAMP.


Shirley Shtiegman, Board Director – Legal


I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved to NY in my late twenties, where I had the pleasure of learning a different legal system and culture. I now live in Palo Alto with my husband, my 10 year old daughter, my 9 year old son and our family dog. We moved to Palo Alto after spending 10 years in Seattle and we love the area and enjoy spending time outdoors as a family.

When my children were younger,  I was always eager to find interesting activities for them and with the challenge of balancing work and family, it would have been wonderful to have a resource such as PAMP available. Moving into the Bay Area, I did not know of PAMP and had a difficult time meeting people, getting familiar with the area and what it had to offer for my family. I joined PAMP as Director of Legal in 2015 and am excited to help drive more awareness of PAMP and help make it an even better resource for parents in the area.




Alix Pora, Board Director – Membership

After having been a part of mom groups in the North Bay after my first son was born, I was eager to join PAMP when we moved to this area while also expecting our second son, in the beginning of 2015. PAMP has been an invaluable tool for us as a relatively new family looking for a community, especially since my husband and I are transplants here and raising our two boys, Nicolas and Maxwell, on our own. It has been a huge help to be able to find answers to our questions through the PAMP forum. I started volunteering for the Membership committee and I was excited to share ideas with the Board members who have been wonderfully receptive. I also co-founded the Professional Network subgroup, since we are fortunate enough to live in an area that offers a great opportunity to create contacts with people from all types of professions and backgrounds. I am very excited now to join the Board as the Director of Membership.



Jennifer Wang - Director,Engagement

Jennifer Wang, Board Director – Engagement

Like many members, I joined PAMP soon after the birth of my first child, in 2009, new to this whole parenting thing. A critical project was to sort out childcare before I returned to work, and it was thanks to the PAMP forums that I was able to find a wonderful nanny.  Since then I’ve discovered what a valuable resource PAMP is, for the advice of the online forums, classifieds, as well as the myriad of small and large events. I grew up out east in West Virginia, but have resided in the Bay Area since 1996.  I currently live in Palo Alto with my husband and two young children.  Professionally, I work full-time as head of Customer Success at a Silicon Valley high-tech company.  I am thrilled at the prospect of serving on the PAMP Board to help our members get the most value out of this amazing resource and organization.



Heather Gaillard, Board Director – Outreach

I joined PAMP in 2011 upon moving back to Palo Alto, after 5 years in Minneapolis. Returning with two children, I found my former home a bit of an unknown – what to do with kids, where to go, how to find a preschool, and many other questions. PAMP is a rich resource of information that quickly got me up to speed and helped me adjust to the move back and my new stage in life. I joined a playgroup early on, and have been an active participant in the PAMP Book Club.

I joined the PAMP board in 2015 as Board Director of Outreach as a way to give back to the PAMP community, and as a way to contribute my marketing and communications skills.  I live in Palo Alto with my husband, daughter and son. I have work experience in the areas of strategy, marketing, and general business, and hold an MBA. I am looking forward to contributing further to this fabulous local parent community.



Alyson Gay – Board Director, Events AlisonGayBoardPhoto

We moved to Palo Alto 2.5 years ago when our son James was just 13 weeks old.  We were relocated due to my husband Ted’s,  job.  I cannot tell you how meaningful PAMP was to me in those early months.  It really helped me gain a grasp on both parenting and the Bay Area.  Both were VERY new to me!!  Prior to kids (James 2.5 & Eliza 8 months) and the move, I was a VP with JP Morgan Private Bank.  I had the opportunity to work out here in their Palo Alto and San Francisco offices, but upon arriving in Palo Alto, I knew I wanted to take advantage of these precious first few years with my kiddos.  I’ve toyed around with going back to work at some point, so I think getting involved with the PAMP Board will be a good way to ease into things and see if I am truly ready!
Aside from James and Eliza our family wouldn’t be complete without our two dogs, Woodford and Bailey.  We are moving the whole family to Menlo Park from Palo Alto this summer.