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Addressing and Overcoming School Anxiety

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 It’s become a morning ritual, one you’d rather not keep.  You wake your child for school, and immediately he or she begins complaining of feeling sick.  As the time to leave gets closer, your child’s symptoms become more intense … finally, you agree that he or she should stay home today.  Within hours, your child […]

Getting Ready for School

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Summers always go by quickly, so it is not too early to begin planning for your children’s return to school. Here are some ideas. Getting on Schedule If possible, transition your kids slowly from their summer schedule to their school hours and routines. One week before school starts, have your kids go to bed and […]

Finding Our Way to Homeschooling

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When my children were younger, I invested a considerable amount of energy into finding the best elementary school I could for them. At times this endeavor felt like a full-time job. In addition to the usual concerns over private vs. public school, educational philosophies and tuition costs, I had a persistent, nagging sense that our […]

App Review: The Waking Prince


Requirements for this app: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Not available on other tablets or digital readers. “The Waking Prince” is a 75-page book with 35 elven couplets (or extra scenes) written and designed by The Story Elves.  Their first original fairy tale, “The Walking Prince” tells the story of a young prince […]

How to Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

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When I was growing up as one of five kids, there was no shortage of story times in my family. Those moments spent poring over great books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar were incredibly special to me. I learned important lessons about sharing, respecting others, and maybe even why green veggies are better for you […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten and Beyond

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Not too long ago, before I was a parent, I was a Palo Alto Unified School District kindergarten teacher. One day, I opened an email from a neighborhood parent that shaped my perspective in life both as a teacher and a parent. This mother emailed every kindergarten teacher in the district wanting to know, “How can […]

How to Choose a Summer Camp

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  There are a lot of good summer camps out there. But you want to send your kids to a great one. How can you rest assured you’ve found the “crème de la camp” without losing sleep over summer scheduling? Try this simple checklist to help you separate the great from the merely good.  

Best of the Forum: Preschool, Young Fives or Kinder?


Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind that kindergarten age requirements in California are in flux. This article highlights a PAMP forum discussion regarding kindergarten decisions for the current school year, when a child had to be age 5 by Nov. 1, 2012 to enroll. However, for the 2013–14 academic year, a child must be 5 […]

Two Activities for a Winter’s Day

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To have tons of fun at home on a cold winter day, try these two activities inspired by the Montessori philosophy. The first activity is an experiment with design, and the second is an experiment with sound. They are both designed for children 5 years old or younger Montessori education is based on a discovery model, […]

Book Roundup: Elections and Presidents


  With Election Day fast approaching (Nov. 6), now is the perfect time to introduce children to the concepts of a president and elections. Whether you prefer books about fictional presidential races or true accounts of real-life presidents, all of the following provide great segues to discussing current events.  

Navigating the Road to Reading Readiness

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The people of Silicon Valley are exceptional. Few places on planet earth enjoy such a high concentration of intelligent, high-achieving and successful individuals (stay-at-home-moms absolutely included). Geographically speaking, this is a speck of a place, yet our collective accomplishments loom large. Will our children carry the same torch of excellence? The tension among area parents […]

Prepare for the PAMP Preschool Fair

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Are you looking for a preschool for your child? The upcoming PAMP Preschool Fair (Nov. 3) is a great way to learn about the many early childhood education options available in our community. The variety of choices presented at the fair can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to come prepared. Here are some […]

How to Choose the Right Preschool for Your Child

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Zachary is a sweet and lovable 4-year-old boy who is often timid around others. He’s generally happy, but he is easily overwhelmed and can become upset in noisy environments. After enrolling Zachary in the same preschool his sister attended and seeing him struggle, his parents wondered what they should do. What options should they consider? […]

Have You Considered a Bilingual Preschool?

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Faced with a myriad of choices, selecting the right preschool for your child can be quite a daunting task.  For many parents, one additional consideration is whether to choose a bilingual learning environment. There is no question that knowing more than one language is an advantage in today’s globalized world. Bilingualism has also been linked […]

Ask the Expert: How Do We Handle After-School Meltdowns?

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Question: Our 3-year-old just started preschool this week. His teachers tell us that he’s doing great, and he really seems to like it. But when he’s home with us, it’s a nuclear meltdown a couple times a day! Clearly this is a really hard transition for him. I don’t want to indulge his tantrums, but […]