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Member Musings: Make Mashed Potatoes With Your Kids


Here is a great recipe to use in the kitchen with your kids, along with easy tips to make it fun for everyone!   Mashed Potatoes:  1. Gather up all the ingredients you need for your special family recipe of Mashed Potatoes.

Member Musings: Thoughts on the Family Bed


I may not get the best night’s sleep, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Around the world, the “family bed”, or cosleeping, is more common than it is here in the states. My child is getting older, and so the bed is getting more cramped. Sometimes he is snuggled up on my chest, bringing […]

La Petite Baleen ~ the Premier Swim Program


La Petite Baleen Swim School is the Bay Area’s premiere learn-to-swim program since 1979. Our custom designed and built indoor facilities provide the cleanest and safest water to teach our young swimmers. The unique child-development based curriculum is award winning and nationally recognized by the US Swim School Association. Come visit our brand new Atherton […]

17 Things Girls Need from their Mothers

Photo by Rebecca Alison

I write this from the aspect of a woman who is a daughter. I write this from the point of view of a woman who has a stepdaughter that came into my life when she was 7 years old. I write this from the stance of a woman who wants to have a daughter some […]

Winds of Change – Raising My Special Needs Child

Photo courtesy of Miriam Mark

I am the mom of an eight-year-old child with special needs. He has challenging behaviors and severe ADD, as well as speech delays, educational delays and a myriad of other issues. It is hard to categorize him, so I usually describe him as “just not like other kids.” If most children are on an upward […]

Member Musings: Time to Learn


So, last week out of nowhere (7-year-old) William tells me he wants to learn how to ride his bike. From 0-60 it became urgent — he needed to learn right now! We didn’t have a bike that was his size, so there was some delay getting organized.  

Book Trusted Sitters with UrbanSitter


Looking for a better way to find babysitters? Try UrbanSitter! Founded by four busy parents, UrbanSitter is an online resource to find sitters recommended by people you know. Simply create a FREE account and identify your parenting groups (PAMP, child’s school, etc.) to see a selection of sitters whom your friends and fellow PAMP parents […]

Post-Vacation Sleep Blues

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Even if your kids are sleeping well and you have a great routine, a vacation can throw a wrench in the works. Most of us can make it through even the worst sleep situations while on our trip, but when you return home, you want everything to fall back into place, right? Sometimes returning from […]

A Kid’s-eye View of Friendship

Photo by naoyafujii

It’s amazing just how many big thoughts can be boiled down to a simple idea. Take the topic of friendship. Ask an adult what friendship is, and you’ll probably get a rather detailed and (possibly) dull answer. Maybe a laugh and an embarrassing story. Ask one of the younger set, and you’ll discover that friendship […]

What’s Your Type?

Photo by wpgrace

The Enneagram is a robust system of personality, self-awareness and personal growth. As parents, we are challenged daily to grow ourselves into our best selves so as to meet the developing needs of our children in a peaceful and loving manner. The Enneagram can offer a path out of ineffective parenting patterns such as reacting […]

Member Musings: Dog is My Dad


Conversation overheard at the park: Kid 1: No he’s not! Kid 2: Yes he is! My puppy IS my blood brother. Kid 1: How?

Member Musings: The name is M-O-M


As a parent you want to ensure that you raise your kids right, or to the best of your abilities at least.

Part of that is teaching them how to be ready for the world. Making sure they know their name, address, phone number and teaching them that you, Mom (or Dad), have your very own first name, too.

What I didn’t realize is that one day my oh-so cool 3.5 year old would stroll into the house after preschool one day and say, “Hi Chanden.”

As I tried to hide my amused smirk and giggle, I looked over and said, “Hello there.” I found myself stuck.

Now, I don’t want him to get the wrong idea that that is not my first name. But I didn’t go through what I did to make that miniature being call me by my first name.

What I wanted to turn around and say, “Hello there… by the way, the name is Mom! I earned it and deserved to be called by that rightful name. So use it – sir.”

Member Musings: Tennis Balls and Laundry Baskets


A couple of weeks ago, my son was lucky enough to spend a week with his great grandparents. In preparation for our trip I crammed tons of toys and books into suitcases. When we left, I was nervous that I didn’t pack enough to entertain my son for an entire week.

Member Musings: A Time-Honored Tradition of … Torture?


Every year some of us line up our toddlers to sit on a stranger’s lap and are surprised when they react with anything less than joy. Well, okay, maybe we’re not totally surprised. Maybe a small part of us even expects it. And maybe, just maybe, we think it’s a sort of rite of passage and we find the crying Santa photos just a little bit funny, in spite of the short-term trauma they may inflict.

I was one of those parents this past holiday. Last year my son, Alex, was only 8 months old – the perfect age to go happily along with whatever, including the odd tradition of cozying up to a strange man in fuzzy red suit. So, to be fair, I wasn’t positive that he wouldn’t handle it with the same aplomb this year, even though developmentally, at 20 months, he was much less likely to take it in his stride. He is a pretty easygoing kid and very social. Well, guess what? He didn’t.

We got there early. We were in the front of the line. I decided to let a family with slightly older and younger kids go first (a family safely before and after the age of being terrorized by the white-haired man). I figured if Alex could witness their successful visit, he would be more comfortable with his own. That lasted for about 30 seconds. No sooner had he sat on Santa’s lap than he scrunched up his face, opened his mouth and let out a fairly clear squawk of protest. He didn’t actually cry. But he did try to jettison his little rigid body right off Santa’s lap and his adamant vocal protests made it clear that he was not, shall we say, in his happy place.

But call me just a little bit evil, the photo is pretty amusing.

Book Roundup: Holiday Picture Books


 In my family, the kids look forward to the holidays all year long—which makes the season especially precious when it finally arrives. Holiday traditions like family time, feasts, and gift-giving and receiving are all part of what makes the season special. Another tradition that can add to the magic of the season is reading holiday […]