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Try out Dinnerbundle – $20 off!


Ready to try a better dinner experience? Dinnerbundle makes weeknight cooking more fun and less stressful. We deliver delicious 30-minute-recipes and matching fresh ingredients to your home, so that you can cook healthy and family-friendly dinners without the hassle. Sign up at, enter code “PAMP” and get $20 off! 3 dinners for 4 people […]

Book a Doctor’s Visit on Your Schedule


Busy parents deserve the same high-quality health care they’d expect for their kids. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to One Medical Group’s hassle-free approach to the doctor’s office. Designed around your needs, One Medical provides comprehensive adult primary care that’s convenient and flexible. Book an appointment online (even for the same day!) and […]

The Magic of Eating a Banana

Photo by inferis (Tom & Katrien)

Nate is six months old when his pediatrician tells me that I can start feeding him solids. I am so excited to offer him something besides rice cereal that I run down to the store with him to buy a couple of baby-food jars. He bounces close to my body in the baby carrier. As […]

For the New Year: Creating Your Habit Environment

Photo by ianhun2009

Let’s imagine that you’re going to change your diet — you’re going from eating chips, ho-hos, Double Down Chicken Sandwiches and taco “meat” in a Dorito shell, to eating fruits and veggies and beans and nuts and whole grains. Sound easy? But when you’re stressed and tired from a long day of rebranding meetings and […]

Five Tips for a Healthier Family

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Any day is the prefect day to make a few easy changes that can help your kids get healthier and stay that way. Here are five tips for healthy choices you can make now to support your family’s best health: 1. Take a walk together Walking is the easiest way to get lasting health benefits. Even […]

Simple Changes for the Dinner Table

Photo courtesy of Miriam Mark

I have been striving to create a real conversation about the food we eat in our home and where it comes from. As a full time working mom of three kids, including one with special needs, I know that just getting dinner on the table can be challenging enough. Even so, I have been systematically […]

3 Tips for Detoxing Your Home

Photo by thesoftlanding

Most of us assume that products we pick up off the shelf have been tested for safety. There are more than 80,000 chemicals in use in the consumer marketplace, so someone— government agencies or the companies themselves—must be making sure those chemicals are safe, right? I used to think this, too. But I discovered that […]

Five Ways to Keep Lice Out of Your Life

Photo by emilyvalenza

When I found my daughter Sierra scratching and scratching one holiday season, I thought she just had dry scalp from the  winter air. On Christmas Eve, I looked a little closer and was horrified to discover little critters crawling everywhere. I was about to receive an unwanted Christmas gift – a house full of lice. […]

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Photo by intheburg

Eating healthy while pregnant may seem like a no-brainer. However, there are many women who think that being pregnant is a license to eat anything they want.  During my first pregnancy I joked that my husband was the food police, but I quickly believed his approach was valid when my daughter was born at 36 […]

Addressing and Overcoming School Anxiety

Photo by Mitchio

 It’s become a morning ritual, one you’d rather not keep.  You wake your child for school, and immediately he or she begins complaining of feeling sick.  As the time to leave gets closer, your child’s symptoms become more intense … finally, you agree that he or she should stay home today.  Within hours, your child […]

The Power of Touch: From Birth to Infant Massage

Photo by Vincent Hu

For babies, the nine months of pregnancy may feel like one long, loving embrace. It’s not surprising, then, that studies support the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for mothers and babies from the moment of birth, throughout infancy and beyond. If you’re an expectant mother, you can enjoy these benefits by including immediate skin-to-skin contact with […]

Beyond the Blues: Caring and Support for Postpartum Depression Helps Everyone

Photo by Rebecca Alison

The first month of motherhood can be stressful and overwhelming, as well as joyful —that stock-photo vision of uninterrupted parental euphoria may crumble after a few days of sleep deprivation. But for some new moms, the new challenges amount to more than a passing strain. Postpartum depression (PPD) affects at least one in ten mothers, […]

Back to Work: Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Photo by Jaime Chapin

Making the decision to breastfeed is as personal as the decision to go back to work. If you’re a mom who wants to do both, here are some great tips to help you succeed. First, it’s worth knowing that, as a working mom, the effort it takes to breastfeed your baby can actually be a […]

A Bicycle Built for Three

Photo courtesy of Anona Dutton

One of my goals as a parent is to introduce my kids to as many fun and interesting ways to be active outdoors as I can. Family biking is not only a fun way to get outside and spend quality time together, it’s also a great workout. Biking as a family is something we do […]

Ask the Expert: How Can I Persuade My Husband to Get a Vasectomy?


Question: After decades on birth control, two pregnancies and years of breastfeeding, I’m done. I need my husband to step up to the plate and get a vasectomy. He’s agreed to consider it, but how do I get him to commit? I’d appreciate some advice and perspectives on how you talked about it, what the […]