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5 Fashionable Tips for Moms — for Back to School Time!


Summer vacation is coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking about that back to school routine. The mornings can be rough as we attempt to get lunches made, kids dressed, coffee down our throats, teeth brushed, back packs on, etc. But what about us? Don’t forget about us Moms/Mums! Here are five […]

Get Outta Town: Pismo Beach

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Not far south of the San Francisco Bay Area you will find Pismo Beach. From San Jose, the drive is just a little over three hours. A very doable drive at night or in the early morning with kids who take naps. Besides the beach, Pismo is surrounded by other fun communities like San Luis […]

Member Musings: Declutter Your Space


I am embarrassed to say my house was very cluttered. My closet was overflowing — it was a struggle to physically access the clothes that were hanging. I could no longer see the floor in my home office. I had piles of things in every corner; I felt like I lived in a flea market.

Three Ways to Get the Most out of Your Workout

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Here are 3 basic guidelines to help you take better care of yourself and make the most of your workouts. The more closely you follow them, the better prepared you will be for anything I might throw your way, and you’ll have way more fun. HYDRATE YOUR BODY I know what it’s like to run […]

Camping — At Home?

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Camping in the Bay Area with a young family can be challenging. Campsites get booked out months or even a year in advance, buying gear quickly adds up, and if you don’t go regularly, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the logistics of carting your whole family into the outdoors. Or you might be like […]

Does Physical Exercise Make Kids Smarter?

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The stereotypical smart kid prefers reading to playing sports. The stereotypical below average kid prefers sports to learning in the classroom. The fact is these perceptions are flawed. Focus on academic achievement and lower budget levels has led many schools in the U.S. to diminish

Best of the Forum: Teaching Mindfulness


In search of ideas for teaching mindfulness, gratitude, etc. to four-to-five year olds. How do you incorporate this in your family? Any suggestions, classes, books, etc. would be very much appreciated.

Celebrate Earth Day – Everyday!

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Earth Day is this week! Earth Day, sometimes celebrated on a single day and sometimes for an entire week, is honored around the world in an effort to demonstrate support for environmental protection and awareness. Even simple activities done at home or around the neighborhood

Member Musings: Greening Your School

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Launched on Earth Day 2010 by four moms who wanted a better world for their children, Grades of Green is a California nonprofit that aims to make environmental protection second nature in young minds. Their website offers free instruction to inspire and empower students

What Inspires You to Get Fit?

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Where do you find your fitness inspiration? What keeps you lacing up you putting on your workout clothes? My own fitness dream inspiration has shifted over the years. Family can be your fitness inspiration. One of my own favorite inspirations is to realize how your own fitness can improve your

Best of the Forum: Where to Go in Europe This Summer?


My husband and I would like to spend 5 days in Europe this June kid free. We are traveling direct from NYC. Besides Paris, what other cities are worth looking into? Please recommend someplace that we can mix 2 days of touring with some beach / pool relaxation, as well as good food.

Shoe Sharing?

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Kids grow up quickly. They really, really do. One second, your child is learning to walk, and the next, you’re attending their kindergarten graduation. Along the way, they’re growing out of their clothes at rates fast enough to bankrupt small nations. In fact, from onesies and

Member Musings: Vegetarian Book Reviews


Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Jerusalem broke new ground with fantastic flavor combinations and inventive dishes that were at once exotic but approachable and appealing. The recipes blended different culinary traditions in a way that is fresh and exiting. Like so many people, I marveled that every dish I made from the book […]

44 Fitness Hashtags to Achieve Your Goals

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Fitness dreams can get sticky if you are online 24/7. The amount of information available from fitness experts can be overwhelming. Being online 24/7 can be a benefit or curse to your fitness goals. There are a ton of fitness experts and trainers

Member Musings: 5 Must-Have Beauty Products


Whenever my friends and I get together, one of our favorite things to do is share our favorite beauty products. Now that I don’t live near my girlfriends, I thought I’d share my favorite finds with those PAMP moms out there. . .