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Welcome 2 New PAMP Staff Members


As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the change of seasons to autumn, we here at PAMP also are saying goodbye to two long-time staff members while simultaneously welcoming two new staff members to the organization. We’d like to thank Alison Lee and Tatyana Ventura for their years of service to the organization, and welcome Ann […]

PAMP Preschool Fair – Download School Guide, Workshop Presentations


Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual Preschool Fair on Saturday Nov 1, whether it was as a volunteer, attendee, speaker, sponsor, or school. We had another amazing event this year, with over 1000 people attending.  Thank you to Stephanie Agnew (Parents Place Online) and David Hsieh (RHR Wealth Management Group, Merrill Lynch) for giving […]

Thank you to our November Sponsors!

2014-09 Sep Premium Slider

Hooray for our generous sponsors  Peninsula School,  International School of the Peninsula,, and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. Sponsorship fees are used to support PAMP’s wide array of programs, events and services. This month, please say hello and thanks to our Premium Sponsors.

Happy Halloween from PAMP


Thanks to everyone who stopped by the PAMP booth at the Halloween Carnival in Palo Alto, and Happy Halloween to everyone! If you had your photo taken in our booth, you can find the photo and download it here

Member Musings: What is Autism?


Autism is a genetically-based human neurological variant. The complex set of interrelated characteristics that distinguish autistic neurology from non-autistic neurology is not yet fully understood, but current evidence indicates that the central distinction is that autistic brains are characterized by

Member Musings: Kids are People, too


There was a time in American history when women didn’t have the right to vote; when domestic violence was considered a private matter; when slavery was legal. Thankfully, America got its head out of its butt and began to protect these precious people. So, what about the children? Why should children be any less protected […]

Moon Cakes & Martial Arts! Children’s Moon Festival a Success!

CMF Article Featured Image.001

On Sunday, September 14, the community gathered to celebrate at PAMP’s 9th Annual Children’s Moon Festival. This year’s festival was the largest ever with over 20 kids activities, and we handed out over 2,000 moon cakes and fortune cookies! By all accounts, the event was a wonderful success. Thank you all for coming!

Childcare in the Forums, plus 6 Tips to Get it Right!


Over the summer, a post about finding childcare providers through PAMP forums became a red-hot item. One mom’s experience led to disappointing results with two candidates canceling agreed-upon trials, and another saying she would not do light duty chores

Thank you for a fantastic Family Day!

Family Day Feature.001

On Sunday, July 20th, hundreds of PAMP members gathered at Mitchell Park to soak up the sun and enjoy great food, live entertainment and fun activities for the kids. Thank you to our members, volunteers and community partners for making it a fantastic day to mingle and play. A huge thanks to our co-presidents Chanden Moya and […]

Join PAMP’s Monthly Family Playdate!

Family Dinner Playdates

Looking to meet other PAMP families in the area, but just can’t seem to find the time in your busy life? PAMP has got you covered! Grab your kids and  join us at the next family  playdate. Meet other parents, make new friends, enjoy a bite to eat, all while your kids are having a […]

Join PAMP Moms’ Night Out!

Moms Night Out Beach

Relax, socialize and enjoy a few hours without your little ones! Because you deserve some time just for you, PAMP hosts a Moms’ Night Out (MNO) every month. Check the PAMP calendar for spa days, work‐outs, dinner & drinks and more. RSVP today!

Announcing our 2013 Annual Report

Annual Report 2013

We are thrilled to present our 2013 Annual Report, which highlights activities and achievements over the past year. This is our chance to reflect on PAMP’s work to enhance the lives of families with young children and to shape our vision for the future.

Member Musings: Best or Worst Mom Award?


We just finished a fun and relaxing bath with oil massages for the kids. Still in our birthday suits, the kids puttered around while I searched in the closet for a new pack of diapers.

Seconds later I turn around when Mia starts fussing. She’s grimacing and fishing in her mouth. Low and behold… a sizable turd on the ground with a little piece mushed into her book. Simon starts repeating, “Mia poo pooed on the floor. Don’t read that book – there’s poo poo on it. Mia ate her poo poo!” while I frantically power-washed her mouth and re-bathed her.

What’s Your Type?

Photo by wpgrace

The Enneagram is a robust system of personality, self-awareness and personal growth. As parents, we are challenged daily to grow ourselves into our best selves so as to meet the developing needs of our children in a peaceful and loving manner. The Enneagram can offer a path out of ineffective parenting patterns such as reacting […]

Announcing our 2012 Annual Report

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 9.19.31 AM

We are thrilled to present our 2012 Annual Report, which highlights activities and achievements over the past year. This is our chance to reflect on PAMP’s work to enhance the lives of families with young children and to shape our vision for the future.