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Find great Babysitters & Nannies with UrbanSitter


UrbanSitter is a website and app that takes the guesswork out of finding great babysitters and nannies. Find the help you need. From date night babysitters to part- and full-time nannies or backup care, UrbanSitter has you covered! Built on trust. Recommendations matter, that’s why UrbanSitter shows sitters hired and reviewed by parents from PAMP, […]

Five Questions for a Membership Committee Volunteer


Alix Pora is a volunteer on PAMP’s Membership Committee. Her job involves helping recruit and welcome new members, and developing strategies for growing PAMP. Alix says, “I help the committee with its mission by promoting PAMP in the community, provide input regarding recruitment and membership retention and research potential resources for PAMP.”

Jewish Baby Network


Jewish Baby Network is sponsored by Jewish Federation and a consortium of Jewish organizations. We offer parents of babies and toddlers from all backgrounds a place to connect, share, and celebrate. Director Carol Booth has over 20 years experience in Jewish education and looks forward to meeting you! Visit our website to register for our […]

Tips for Air Travel with Small Children

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Air travel with young children isn’t always easy, and some of the struggles start before you board the plane. I hope these simple tips can help you manage your child and gear before, during and after you board the airplane and make the entire air travel experience more pleasant. If possible, aim for direct flights […]

Five Questions for the Development Manager

Photo courtesy of Jacqui Marchessini

Jacqui Marchessini is the Development Manager for PAMP. In this role, she is responsible for securing sponsorship and locking down advertisers. She says, “I manage and cultivate existing relationships with sponsors to secure and expand recurring revenue streams.” On a day-to-day basis, Jacqui answers questions about PAMP’s sponsorship offerings

Family Day is July 19th!


Mark your calendars! PAMP is hosting its biggest Family Day yet on July 19th at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto. Andy Z is performing, a BBQ lunch is being provided and there will be tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Best of all, this member-only event is free for the whole family! […]

Five Questions for the Volunteer Manager

Volunteer Spotlight

Helping to keep people happy may seem a daunting task for some, but Elizabeth Fashing welcomes the challenge with open arms. As Membership Manager for PAMP, Elizabeth says, “I am responsible for for keeping our members happy!” She responds to member questions, invites and recruits new members, runs member reports for the Board and performs […]

Fun at the Farm Day – A Success!


PAMP’s very first Fun at the Farm Day event this weekend was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the festivities. PAMP hosted about  70 families at the event, including more than 120 kids. One of PAMP’s fabulous volunteers, Catherine, said, “Our family enjoyed an action-packed event with Mr. Pastorino of […]

Five Questions for the Programs Administrator


Kristin Mulderig is the Programs Administrator for PAMP. This is a new position with the organization, and one that helps to put all of the pieces together. “My role is to help with communications outreach (including the newsletter and social media), small events administrative tasks,” Kristin says

Five Questions for the Operations Manager


The Operations Manager is the senior staff position with PAMP, responsible for running the day to day activities of the group. In this position, Ann Wondolowski works with all of the PAMP staff members, the Board and the Leaders group of PAMP Member volunteers.

Member Musings: OrderAhead Review


Eating out with a 2 year-old in tow is just not that fun most times, especially if you want to try something nicer than a fast food chain. You other mothers/fathers out there might relate to me. My husband and I recently moved to the area and since arriving here, I haven’t really had the […]

Best of the Forum: Baby Carrier for Newborn

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  Please let me know if you have experience with the Tula or Beco Gemini 4 (or other carrier you’d recommend) for a newborn to 12 months. I’m mostly concerned with baby’s comfort and my comfort, since I find most carriers to be uncomfortable!

Five Questions for the PAMP Treasurer

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As Treasurer for PAMP, Julia Swenson oversees the financial affairs and annual budgeting process for the organization, ensuring that all revenues and expenses are in order. “I review whether we’re spending within our proposed budget in providing quality programming for our members,” she says. “I also calculate the monthly financials, Net Income for the month […]

Making Smart Decisions about Feeding Young Kids

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When it comes to feeding infants and toddlers, parents today are bombarded by numerous, conflicting messages on what do: you should trust your children’s appetites and let them eat what they want, but don’t let them become overweight or there will be serious physical and psychological consequences; you should teach your children

Eight Steps to Starting Your Home-Based Business

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Three years ago, I thought I had it made. I worked from home as a business coach for entrepreneurs all over the US. When I got pregnant with my son, I got walloped by the reality that I wanted to be home with him full-time. I never knew I would want that! I had no […]