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PAMP is all about making connections for yourself and your children, by exchanging ideas and information in an open dialogue among a trusted community of peers, and tapping into resources that will with strengthen your family. Ultimately PAMP’s goal is to build a happier, healthier and more bonded community of parents in the Bay Area. And we hope that you will join us! Learn about membership benefits below.


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Membership Benefits

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families with young children. PAMP’s programs and services are tailored to serve expecting parents and families with children under five years old. But our resources also appeal to families with older children, and everyone is welcome! Our members enjoy the following benefits for just $60 a year:


Join a PAMP Playgroup to meet families in your neighborhood with similar interests. Find out more about our PAMP Playgroups Program

Relax at our monthly socials and get pampered at our parent’s night out events!


Find answers, give advice, you’ll find it all on our forums! Have questions, our members have answers! PAMP’s forums are a trusted source of parenting information and advice. Please read our Guidelines for Forum Posts!

Buy and sell on the classifieds, and read reviews. You can get almost anything through PAMP’s classifieds – toys, real estate, a new job, and tickets to your favorite shows! This is one of the hottest markets for buying and selling!

Get news through our monthly newsletter with articles from local experts on parenting, health, financial management and much more!


Attend tons of discounted classes/events for babies, toddlers and preschoolers for under $10 each! Almost any day of the month there’s something to do like kids classes and outings for the whole family.

PAMP also organizes annual large community events including the PAMP Rummage Sale, PAMP Family Day and the PAMP Preschool Fair.

Check out our events Calendar for more information!


Get exclusive discounts at 60+ of your favorite local spots! You could save hundreds! Browse our Discounts and get your membership card on our Members-Only webpage!


Through our In-A-Pinch Program you can get meals and other assistance when you need extra hands. Members can request support today!

Each and every member gives a minimum of two hours of volunteer service to support PAMP’s programs. It’s a great way to keep your resume up-to-date and make friends! Volunteers are also eligible to win big prizes through our volunteer appreciation raffle drawings at our large events… check out our Leadership Team positions!

Membership FAQ

Do I have to live in Palo Alto or Menlo Park to join PAMP?

PAMP welcomes both moms and dads from all over! Membership is open to anyone. Our club was started by moms from Palo Alto and Menlo Park 20 years ago (hence the name), but we have grown to encompass most of the Bay Area. And while majority of our activities occur on the southern Peninsula (Redwood City to Sunnyvale), our online presence is strong and active and can be accessed from anywhere – we even have members in New York and England!

What kinds of parents join PAMP?

PAMP members connect with a diverse community of parents ranging from their early twenties to their early fifties; families with one child or five; stay-at-home dads, working moms, single parents, and parents who shared life duties in a multitude of ways; all types of parenting styles, religious beliefs, political leanings, and personal aspirations. What we all have in common is an awareness that parenting is tough (incredibly rewarding too), and that it is much more fun and easier when done within a supportive community.

How do I gift a PAMP membership?

Great idea! It’s really easy to gift a PAMP membership, just click here to learn how!

Why join PAMP?

We asked the same question to our new and returning members and their top five reasons were: Advice on parenting (22%), referrals on forums (20%), meet families in my neighborhood (14%), playgroups (13%), and events & kids activities (11%).

Is there any way to see a complete list of PAMP discounts before I join?

Yes, check out our discount page! As a member you can view all PAMP discounts online at our Members-Only webpage!

Trouble logging into your account?

Check out the BigTent Support Page for help: I can’t sign in to BigTent

How to reset your password?

If you forgot your PAMP BigTent password, no problem. You can reset it by clicking on ‘forgot your password?’ on the login page to have a new password sent. If you are still experiencing trouble logging in AND your membership is current, contact

What happens to my personal information, is it protected?

In no event will BigTent and/or the webhost provide any Personal Information or PAMP Group messages to third parties for advertising purposes, nor will PAMP sell your Personal Information to any third party. Please read our complete Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.