Request to Create a New Subgroup

Subgroups are a great way to learn from other parents facing similar issues, provide and receive support in smaller group settings, and connect with PAMP members who share a common interest. One of the greatest benefits PAMP offers to its members is the opportunity to join and form playgroups and subgroups. For more information on starting a Playgroup, click here.

Our smaller communities thrive when they are inclusive, active, and connected. Please read our Subgroup/Playgroup Best Practices, information on the Responsibilities of Administrators and the requirements for remaining in “active status” included below.

Complete the following request form if you are interested in starting a subgroup, and you will be contacted shortly by the Subgroup Coordinator. Be sure to check out the full list of existing Subgroups here to see if a group already exists that meets your needs.

i.e. neighborhood, age-range, common interest
We will check-in after 3-months of inactivity. If at any time you wish to discontinue your group please contact


Subgroup/Playgroup Best Practices

  • Inclusive: Our members have used PAMP to organize many different subgroups and playgroups that reflect the diverse interests present within PAMP.  PAMP strives to create a sense of inclusiveness amongst our members and we cannot permit our subgroups or playgroups to exclude members.  Each subgroup and playgroup is open to all PAMP members.
  • Active: The success of our community rests on the ability of our members to participate and engage in active micro-communities.  Typically micro-communities have a life-cycle, and after they peak they become inactive and silent. Our policy is to check-in with subgroups and playgroups to ensure that they are still active and to prune those which have become dormant.
  • Connected: Subgroups and playgroups support the broader PAMP community and organization by coordinating and recruiting volunteers within their membership. Volunteering helps to strengthen the connections among subgroup and playgroup members as well as further PAMP’s mission. Subgroup and playgroup members will be called upon to volunteer as a group for PAMP’s large events and community initiatives.

If you have comments or concerns regarding the Best Practices, please feel free to contact:


What is required of a subgroup/playgroup to remain in “active status”?

  • Actively use forums or calendar: Groups need to post at least once in a three month period (either a forum or calendar post.)  If there has been no activity within a three month period, a member of the Leadership Team will do a “check-in” with the Administrator or group.  If there is no activity within 30 days from the check-in the group will automatically be discontinued.
  • Minimum of ten members:  If after the initial three months of creation there are less than ten members, a member of the Leadership Team will do a “check-in” with the Administrator or group.  If there are still less than ten members 30 days from the check-in, the group will automatically be discontinued.
  • Designate at least one member Administrator:  If there is no Administrator, a member of the PAMP Leadership Team will do a “check-in” with the group. If there is no Administrator designated within 30 days of the check-in, the group will automatically be discontinued.


What are the Responsibilities of Administrators?

The Administrator is a member of the subgroup/playgroup with special administrative privileges including:

  • Posting to the group calendar
  • Creating automated welcome emails to new members (if desired)
  • Moderating forum posts
  • Inviting another member of the group to serve as Administrator

The primary responsibilities of an Administrator are to act as the liaison to the PAMP leadership team and to ensure the subgroup/playgroup is following the Best Practices by:

  • Serving as representative to the group by responding to inquiries
  • Actively sourcing volunteers within the group
  • Routinely gauging the activity of the group
  • Ensuring inclusiveness of the group via auto-acceptance of prospective members
  • Providing recommendations to the VP Online Community and Board of Directors when changes are required (or if the group is no longer needed) and keeping the Leadership Team informed of issues
  • Finding a replacement Administrator when leaving the group

If you have any questions about the function of an Administrator, technical questions about administration, or if you wish to discontinue your group, please contact: