17 Things Girls Need from their Mothers

Photo by Rebecca Alison

I write this from the aspect of a woman who is a daughter. I write this from the point of view of a woman who has a stepdaughter that came into my life when she was 7 years old. I write this from the stance of a woman who wants to have a daughter some day. I write this from the aspect of a woman who wants to see some change in the way little girls, and women, view themselves in society.

A girl needs:

To be told she’s beautiful – every day.

Member Musings: Late Night Entertainment


What are the odds that the baby could top last night’s performance? Because last night she pooped in the tub. And it was entertaining and indirectly helpful. Entertaining because I thought about that dookie scene in Caddyshack, that and my wife’s reactions to the baby’s excremental behavior are always worth a chuckle. Then the baby upped the ante

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Winds of Change – Raising My Special Needs Child

Photo courtesy of Miriam Mark

I am the mom of an eight-year-old child with special needs. He has challenging behaviors and severe ADD, as well as speech delays, educational delays and a myriad of other issues. It is hard to categorize him, so I usually describe him as “just not like other kids.” If most children are on an upward trajectory, mine is all about ups and downs and curves. But he also has the greatest capacity for love and the biggest smile of any child I know.

Five Questions for a PAMP Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simone

Kristina Simone is a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) Coordinator for PAMP. She enjoys being able to utilize her skills as an event planner, as well as finding creative ways to help parents feel special.

Kristina likes to focus what she hopes will be the most fun places to have a MNO. She beams, “I have the pleasure of planning fun monthly social get-togethers for PAMP members!”

Member Musings: Time to Learn

So, last week out of nowhere (7-year-old) William tells me he wants to learn how to ride his bike. From 0-60 it became urgent — he needed to learn right now! We didn’t have a bike that was his size, so there was some delay getting organized.


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Post-Vacation Sleep Blues

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Even if your kids are sleeping well and you have a great routine, a vacation can throw a wrench in the works. Most of us can make it through even the worst sleep situations while on our trip, but when you return home, you want everything to fall back into place, right?

Sometimes returning from vacation brings even more sleep challenges. Many kids revolt once they return from vacation – tantrums at bedtime, night waking, early rising, and more. Why do they torture us after we took them on such a lovely trip?

Member Musings: The Whole Story


I was having lunch with some friends the other day, and one of my friend’s two sons was having a really tough day. They were both sick, and we were all hungry as we waited longer for a lunch table than anyone with children under the age of four should EVER have to wait. And, as her boys continued to melt down, and her patience also waned, it reminded me

An Education at ISTP is More Than Just Language


At the International School of the Peninsula, WE BELIEVE:

* Careers are Global, Your Child’s Education Should Be Too.
* Every Child Should Dream in Another Language.
* Bilingual Learning is a Process of Inquiry, Exploration and Discovery.

Come and see why an education at ISTP is more than just learning a language by attending a tour.

Take a look at how we “flip the classroom” in middle school and encourage coders of all ages.

KidQuake Equals Kid Power


I recently attended a presentation at my daughter’s school called “The Celebration of Learning.” The entire presentation was focused on young change makers, i.e. kids who are making positive change for the greater good. Each grade level (K-5) researched, interviewed and spoke about a change maker and the outcome(s) of their efforts. It was incredible to hear little voices talk passionately about how they were inspired by these young people. In some cases, there were kids showcasing what they are personally doing to give back

Get Outta Town: Monterey Day Trip

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Martinez

Looking for an easy getaway with great sites and delicious eateries? As a local from the San Francisco Bay area, you already know about one of our most popular gems — Monterey. It’s famous for Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as 17-Mile Drive, which winds through Pebble Beach into Carmel-by-the-Sea and back again. It’s perfect for a day-trip, or even a short overnight stay with or without kids.

Member Musings: Slowing Down to be a Stay-at-Home Mom


Before my son was born, I spent a decade working in a fast-paced and stressful environment. Things moved and changed quickly, and I suppose I got used to that pace. For a variety of reasons, I chose to leave my career when my son was ten months old. I knew that there would be a mental and emotional transition to being a stay at home mom, but

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A Kid’s-eye View of Friendship

Photo by naoyafujii

It’s amazing just how many big thoughts can be boiled down to a simple idea. Take the topic of friendship. Ask an adult what friendship is, and you’ll probably get a rather detailed and (possibly) dull answer. Maybe a laugh and an embarrassing story. Ask one of the younger set, and you’ll discover that friendship is as straightforward as a smile.