Five Questions for the Outreach Director

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As part of PAMP’s recent re-organization, Maya Herstein transitioned from the role of VP of Communications to the role of Outreach Director. “This position was formed to overlook all outreach efforts, including all communications within our PAMP community (newsletter, emails, social media) as well as outbound communications

Is My Child Meeting Developmental Milestones?

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One quarter of the questions and concerns that parents discuss with their pediatrician are related to child development and behavior. As parents, we want to provide our children with opportunities to optimize development and create an environment in which our children can thrive.

Save the Date: PAMP’s Children’s Moon Festival on Sunday, Sept 14th!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014
3-5p Kids Activities | 5–6p Performances
Mitchell Park Bowl
600 E Meadow Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Tell your friends to come! It is a FREE FAMILY EVENT for the whole community!

Montessori School of Los Altos at Greenmeadow


MSLA is a Silicon Valley educational institution for over 40 years. We are located in a beautiful Eichler-designed building in Palo Alto’s Greenmeadow neighborhood. Our world-class Montessori preschool and Kindergarten programs will educate your child in academics, language (Mandarin and Spanish), art, music, movement, computers, grace & courtesy, geography, organic gardening, and much more.

6 Tips to Prepare for Kindergarten

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What guidelines at home will help your child be ready to learn at school? Ask yourself: Do I know the daily routines kids need, including how much sleep and exercise she needs? What are the best ways for her to spend her time after her day in kindergarten?

Member Musings: Jokes in the Car

On a not-so-long but very-long ride in the car the other day, I overheard some silly jokes in the back seat . . . .


What do you say when someone keeps stealing your cheese?

Thank you for a fantastic Family Day!

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On Sunday, July 20th, hundreds of PAMP members gathered at Mitchell Park to soak up the sun and enjoy great food, live entertainment and fun activities for the kids. Thank you to our members, volunteers and community partners for making it a fantastic day to mingle and play.

A huge thanks to our co-presidents Chanden Moya and Jacquie Kush, for their enthusiasm and dedication in leading PAMP’s new Board of Directors who just took office this June. (Congratulations and bravo to Jacquie for attending Family Day with her newborn! The PAMP Board table would not be complete without a new bundle of joy.)

La Petite Baleen ~ the Premier Swim Program


La Petite Baleen Swim School is the Bay Area’s premiere learn-to-swim program since 1979. Our custom designed and built indoor facilities provide the cleanest and safest water to teach our young swimmers. The unique child-development based curriculum is award winning and nationally recognized by the US Swim School Association. Come visit our brand new Atherton location and sign up for a free trial lesson. PAMP members receive a special discount…enjoy your first 12 lessons for the price of 8!

Do-It-Yourself Nontoxic Cleaning Wipes

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Hundreds of chemicals have been found in the umbilical cord blood of newborns, and the lower you go down the socioeconomic scale in this country, the worse it is. How are the bioaccumilative effects of these chemicals affecting us, and worse, how are they affecting our babies?

Book Review: Overwhelmed

In her best-selling book, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time, Brigid Schulte offers an illuminating analysis of the trends, myths, policies and historical circumstances that have resulted in overwhelmed modern mothers while providing a hopeful vignette-based prescription for what they can do to enjoy life and motherhood again.

Member Musings: The Dog Connection


Friends, and strangers, often ask if we enjoy having a new dog in our home. Well….

Adopting our rescue puppy was the single greatest addition to our family since the birth of my child. Our child has a new “brother”, and we have a new (fur) baby.

Thank you to our August Sponsors!

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Hooray for our generous sponsors Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, Care.comStudio Kicks and India Education Methods!

Sponsorship fees are used to support PAMP’s wide array of programs, events and services. This month, please say hello and thanks to our Premium Sponsors.

I Made Him Fear Me

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I had become a horrible parent. Up to this point, parenting had been the easiest job I’d ever had. My wife and I were champs. We were (are) attachment parents; co-slept and never felt tired; managed to navigate New York, Paris, Amsterdam and every place in between without a stroller until, at two years old, our son was simply too big to put into his carrier.

Member Musings: Living Life to the Fullest


Maybe the lesson isn’t to live each day as if it were YOUR last, but rather to live it as if it is everyone else’s last. What impression do you want to leave on that temporary life? 

Look around at all you share this planet with and hold them dear. Is there some gesture unacknowledged, some words left unsaid? 

Do You Prefer Childlike Wonder or Adultlike Wonder?

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The other night, I was at a dinner party, and a new acquaintance told me that he wanted to cultivate a life of childlike wonder and adventure.

I was intrigued. What an interesting aim.

I was particularly struck by his use of the adjective “childlike.” He used this phrase, “childlike wonder,” a few times, so clearly it was very meaningful to him.