Sponsorship FAQ

Are PAMP parents your target audience? PAMP is the largest parent organization on the SF Peninsula with approximately 2,500 member families that simply want the best for our young children. We are a volunteer-led nonprofit 501(c)(3). Join our Sponsorship ProgramOffer a Discount, or Sponsor an Annual Event to support our wide array of programs and services.

How can you reserve a spot? Sign up here or contact sponsor@pampclub.org


Sponsorship Program Details

2015 Program Highlights

  • Weekly member emails. We reach our members every week. Emails are fully designed and link through to sponsor & PAMP webpages.
  • PREMIUM - Get featured in every email and on every webpage ($700/mo)
  • PROFESSIONAL - Get a dedicated post in one email and on our homepage ($500/mo)
  • BASIC - Get placed on our Discounts page – one of our most popular webpages. We send members to this page every week via our weekly member email. ($200/mo)

Sponsor Benefits

PAMP offers three levels of sponsorship: Premium, Professional and Basic. Sponsors benefit from a full range of advertising and marketing opportunities via website and email placement.

Monthly Rate$700$500$200
Placement OverviewEvery email and every webpage1 email and dedicated post with large adFeatured ad on high traffic page
All PagesLogo on right sidebar125x125 px logo
Homepage Sponsor appreciation slider and post125x125 px logo, 100 word message
CalendarLogo on printable pdf 125x125 px logo
Homepage Sponsor post200x200 px ad, 600x350 px ad, 100 word message
DiscountsSponsor section200x200 px ad
Sidebar Logo 4 emails per month [125x125 px]
Sponsor Post Section 1 email per month [Thumbnail + 50 word snippet]1 email per month [Thumbnail + 50 word snippet]
Discounts Section4 emails drive traffic to Discounts page

Sample Ad Placements: Left: homepage, slider and sidebar.  Right: Professional sponsor post.

PAMP Homepage.001

PAMP Homepage.002

Please read our Advertisement Image Specifications

How can you reserve a spot? Sign up here or contact sponsor@pampclub.org

Link to 2013 Sponsorship Program

Sponsor Placement Details

PAMP features sponsor ads on the website and in weekly member emails.

Website: We publish content that is fresh, fun and relevant to our parent community including articles, blog posts, sponsor posts, and PAMP news and events. Content is published on a rolling basis throughout the month and is shared with members via weekly newsletter emails.

Member Emails: PAMP reaches a distribution of 3,000+ via weekly newsletters. These newsletters include links to sponsor and PAMP webpages, driving traffic directly to sponsor sites and sponsor ads on our site.

Premium Sponsors … get exposure in every email and every page of our website, including the largest ad space on our homepage.

  • Logo on right sidebar: The 4 logos in the right sidebar appear on every page on our website for the contract month, and each links to the corresponding sponsor site.
  • Homepage Slider: The slider is the rotating image gallery, front-and-center on our homepage.  Look for logos featured in our “Thank you to our generous sponsors!” slide. Clicking on this slide takes visitors to your customized 100-word message in our monthly Premium Sponsor Appreciation post.
  • Calendar Page: Logos are featured on PAMP’s Calendar of Events. Members download our pdf Calendar and print to stick on the fridge.
  • Member Emails: Logos are featured in all 4 member emails during the contract month. Additionally,  we feature your message in 1 member email per month. It appears as a Sponsor Post with your logo and 50-word snippet.

Professional Sponsors … get featured in an email and on our homepage with a dedicated post, including a large in-post ad.

  • Sponsor Post: Create your own stand-alone post with a customized message (100 words) to PAMP members! Your post includes 3 elements: 100-word message, 200×200 pixel ad, and half-page 600×350 pixel ad. Your post appears on our homepage in the blog-roll with a thumbnail of your 200×200 px ad and a 50-word snippet.
  • Member Email: Your post will be featured in 1 member email during the contract month. It appears as a Sponsor Post with a thumbnail of your 200×200 px ad and 50-word snippet.

Basic Sponsors … get a featured ad on our Discounts page – one of the most popular pages on our site!

  • Advertisement: Your 200×200 pixel ad is featured at the top of our Discounts page. (Offering a discount in your ad is not required.)
  • Member Emails: We drive traffic to the Discounts page in every member email.



Business Discount Program

Discounts are one of the biggest selling points for our members. The Discounts page is the second most popular hit off of the homepage.

Provide PAMP members with a special offer or discount on your products and services! A business discount listing is free, our only requirement is that offers are available for a minimum of 1 year. Listings appear on our Discounts page as text-only with a link to your business. Complete this online form and we’ll get back to you shortly: Business Discount Program (Rate: no charge)

Sponsor an Annual Event

PAMP hosts 4 Annual Events – we welcome PAMP members and our extended community to attend! Annual Events include: Rummage Sale, Family Day, Children’s Moon Festival, Preschool Fair.

Sponsorship opportunities for our Annual Events are not included in the Sponsorship Program and are administered separately for each event. Event sponsors are recognized in event materials and are invited to set up a table with marketing materials to meet & greet members at most events. Sponsor fees and structures will vary depending on the type of event.

Visit our Calendar for event updates.


DateAnnual EventOverviewEst. Attendance
AprilRummage SaleBuy and sell kid’s books, clothing, furniture and toys500+
JulyFamily DayFace painting, balloon twisting, a bouncy house, and a catered lunch300+
SeptemberChildren's Moon FestivalKids craft activities, dance, music, story telling, and martial arts performances, and a lantern parade.2,000+
NovemberPreschool FairChoosing a Preschool Workshop and Preschool Meet and Greet500+


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the criteria for becoming a Sponsor?

Our mission is to enrich the lives of families with young children and PAMP chooses Sponsors that are aligned with our values and benefit our members. Our goal in developing business relationships is to support members to access services and resources. However, acceptance of advertising does not constitute endorsement by PAMP of any products or services. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

How many Sponsorship spots are available? How is ad placement decided?

There are a limited number of advertising spots available (a maximum of 17 slots every month), including:

  • 4 Premium Sponsors
  • 4 Professional Sponsors
  • 9 Basic Sponsors

Sponsorship advertising spots are first-come, first-serve.

I’d like to sign a longer contract, do I have to run my ads consecutively?

No, advertisements do not need to run consecutively. For many companies, business is cyclical and we try to accommodate their changing needs. Assuming availability, businesses with longer Sponsorship contracts (3- and 6-months) are able to designate which months they wish to run their adds – and their advertising schedule is outlined in our agreement.

What size and type of advertising files do you accept? Where do I find information about your advertising specifications and who do I submit images to?

All the details about our advertising image specifications are available on our Advertising Image Specifications page. We accept png and jpg files (max 7 MB), the sizes vary depending on the type of sponsorship but are sized in pixels (px). All advertising images are due seven (7) days prior to the contract start date and sponsors can upload their images online on the Sponsor Page (password protected).

What forms of payment are accepted? 

PAMP accepts payment by checks only (at this time we do not accept payment by credit card or PayPal.) Our standard terms are 15 days, so payment is due 15 days from the date of the invoice unless otherwise specified. Be advised that late payment may result in the loss of your sponsorship spot(s).

Please make checks payable to: Parents’ Club of Palo Alto & Menlo Park and mail them with a copy of the invoice to:

171 Main Street, #171
Los Altos, CA 94022

Does PAMP offer exclusivity agreements to sponsors?

PAMP does not to offer exclusivity agreements to Sponsors, as it would limit information about community resources and effectively compromise our ability to fulfill our mission.

However, we do aim to work with a diverse spectrum of Sponsors within each sponsor level. When possible, we try to represent different types of services and products, so for example, we would like to have each Premium Sponsor fall into a different type of business category such as parent education center, museum, yoga studio, and photography services.

We emphasize that we can only encourage and strive for business diversity in the Sponsorship Program and cannot guarantee businesses will be the only one in their category. Sponsorship is first come, first serve and the best way to secure a spot is through a long-term contract of 3-months or 6-months.

How large is the PAMP membership and what are the club demographics?

Our membership is approximately 2,500 members plus their children and spouses. Our base consists of highly-educated, affluent, professional parents who all want the best for their young children. We focus on families with children ages 0-5.

  • 29% reside in Palo Alto, 22% in Menlo Park, 11% Mountain View, 10% Los Altos
  • 78% work outside of the home full- or part-time
  • 61% are between 30 to 39 years old
  • 50% have a Masters or JD, 28% have a 4-year college degree, and 17% have a Ph.D., MD or Post-Doctorate degree
  • 90% have two or fewer children under the age of five

How many hits to you get on your website? 

  • Almost 70% of our website visitors are new.
  • Our top five web visitor locations include: Palo Alto, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View. We continue to attract a growing national online community.
  • 15% percent is referral traffic, 18% is direct traffic and 55% search engine.
  • On average we have roughly 16,000 page views per month from 6,000-7,000 unique visitors.

 More questions? Please contact: sponsor@pampclub.org

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