Book Review: All Joy and No Fun

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In All Joy and No Fun, The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, author Jennifer Senior takes readers through a history and analysis of how modern parenting has become the paradox that it is today. Rather than asking, as most parenting books do, about what effect parents have on their children,

Member Musings: How To Teach a Child to be Gentle


Recently, I was with a group of young children that had made a circle around some bugs. They  watched them as they uncurled and moved slowly on the earth. They learned that when the Roly Poly felt threatened, it would curl up in a ball. 

One of the children held a bug in his hand. He was mesmerized. He stood there simply holding this little black bug as it crawled on him. He knew if he tried and touch it, the bug would curl up in a ball. He held it carefully so the bug would keep crawling.

Five Questions for the PAMP Mail Parent

Photo courtesy of Melissa McGregor

Melissa McGregor is PAMP’s Mail Parent. Before tackling her current position, she held the role of marketing coordinator with the communications team. A PAMP member for almost a year, Melissa says, “Volunteering has been a nice way to meet other moms.”

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Kindness to the Earth — This Earth Day and Every Day!

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The theme of reduce, reuse, and recycle has become a part of our collective consciousness, right up there with wi-fi and coffee. We all know about it, we all know it’s a good thing, but how many of us actually put it into practice?

Why should we put it into practice?

More than just a triad of feel-good buzzwords, the eco-friendly Three Rs are a way of life

Member Musings: Make Mashed Potatoes With Your Kids

Here is a great recipe to use in the kitchen with your kids, along with easy tips to make it fun for everyone!


Mashed Potatoes: 
1. Gather up all the ingredients you need for your special family recipe of Mashed Potatoes.

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Organize Your Mail

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When we were kids we looked forward to the mail delivery, but as adults we dread it. It’s not just the bills we hate, but the piles of flyers, solicitations, coupons, periodicals, circulars and advertisements. Ugh.

I know what you’re thinking. “It takes more than ten minutes to go through my mail.” “I get so much stuff I can’t possibly go through it all in one sitting.” “What if I pitch something I need?”

Member Musings: Thoughts on the Family Bed


I may not get the best night’s sleep, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Around the world, the “family bed”, or cosleeping, is more common than it is here in the states. My child is getting older, and so the bed is getting more cramped. Sometimes he is snuggled up on my chest, bringing me so much joy. Other times,

Book a Doctor’s Visit on Your Schedule


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La Petite Baleen ~ the Premier Swim Program


La Petite Baleen Swim School is the Bay Area’s premiere learn-to-swim program since 1979. Our custom designed and built indoor facilities provide the cleanest and safest water to teach our young swimmers. The unique child-development based curriculum is award winning and nationally recognized by the US Swim School Association. Come visit our brand new Atherton location and sign up for a free trial lesson. PAMP members receive a special discount…enjoy your first 12 lessons for the price of 8!

The Magic of Eating a Banana

Photo by inferis (Tom & Katrien)

Nate is six months old when his pediatrician tells me that I can start feeding him solids. I am so excited to offer him something besides rice cereal that I run down to the store with him to buy a couple of baby-food jars. He bounces close to my body in the baby carrier.

As I peruse the “kid food” aisle, everything comes from a box or a bag or even—yogurt—from a tube. When I get home, I crack open a jar and enjoy the pop sound of the air releasing. With Nate in the high chair and my heat-indicator spoon

Member Musings: When You’ve Got Your Health . . .


My co-workers are starting to dread seeing my face. I am almost certain of it. Oh, sure, no one has actually SAID anything, but I can tell. Why? Because as the mom of a germ-infested and virus-propagating toddler, I get sick about once a month. And each sickness seems to last about two weeks. Which leaves me, in a good month, quasi-healthy for maybe half

Best of the Forum: Stay-at-Home Moms — What Do You Do All Day?


Hi there. I have a 13-month-old son. He is super busy. If we aren’t out and about by 9am, he is literally screaming the house down. I would like to do some new things with him because I am getting quite bored of the same stuff every day. This is what we do (if you are also looking for different things):

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