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5 Ways to Spark Creativity in Children

Photo by Rebecca Alison

While thinking about sparking creativity, I remember the things I’ve done with my children when I heard the dreaded, “Mom, I’m bored” comments during the times when they had off of school. Summer months, especially, seemed to be loaded with times when our schedules were blank and our time was spent far more leisurely than […]

Healthy Start to the New Year — Plus Bonus Recipe!

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When introducing new foods, it’s helpful to give kids what I call a “food bridge”—an easy path to help them travel from familiar foods to new foods. Take, for example, risotto with sautéed kale and bacon. Your kids probably like the flavor of pasta. Invite them to take a taster — one very, very, small […]

July 20th is PAMP Family Day!

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PAMP’s Annual Family Day will be held on Sunday, July 20th. Mark your calendars! When: Sunday July 20th, 2014, 10 AM – 1 PM Where: Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, Redwood & Pine Grove Group Areas Family Day is one of PAMP’s biggest events of the year to celebrate its member families and to show appreciation for the many volunteers who help make the […]

Summertime Tips: Camping, Travel and Activities

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Summer is here! Now is the time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather with your kids. PAMP has a bountiful resource of ideas for summertime activities, including tips on nearby camping, how to make travel easy and where to take your kids on day trips. There are also book suggestions, safe swimming pointers […]

Member Musings: Public Transit with Kids?


We like to BART. And take other modes of public transportation, too. But yes, BART is my favorite. Of course it’s great for the environment, and often times it sure beats sitting in Bay Area traffic. But it’s more than that…

Member Musings: How To Teach a Child to be Gentle


Recently, I was with a group of young children that had made a circle around some bugs. They  watched them as they uncurled and moved slowly on the earth. They learned that when the Roly Poly felt threatened, it would curl up in a ball. 

One of the children held a bug in his hand. He was mesmerized. He stood there simply holding this little black bug as it crawled on him. He knew if he tried and touch it, the bug would curl up in a ball. He held it carefully so the bug would keep crawling.

We spent more time than we could have imagined simply holding these precious bugs as each child had a chance to experience first hand what it meant to be gentle. I knew we could carry this lesson that unfolded naturally in the forest to other parts of their lives. We can use this moment of holding a little creature to help children understand how to treat a younger or older sibling. 

Recipe to Teach A Child to Be Gentle

  • An ant hill
  • A rock or dirt where a Roly Poly/Pill Bug may live
  • A lady bug
  • A loving adult
  • A young child


  • Take the time to look and observe an ant hill or under a rock for a Roly Poly
  • Guide a child to observe the bug or ant
  • Gently place the bug in a child’s outstretched hand

Cooking time:

This is the key to the entire experience, there is no set time.  Some children can observe an ant hill for 30 minutes and others for two minutes.  Take the time to give the child time.

Watch and Truly Enjoy!


Pamela Worth is the owner of Tiny Treks, and outdoor education program.

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String Theory: How Playing The Violin Can Increase Academic Performance

Photo by sean dreilinger

As a violin teacher specializing in young beginners, I have seen first hand the difference music can make in a child’s life. It is not just a vehicle for expression. Learning to play a musical instrument can increase a child’s attention span and academic performance. Roy P. Martin, researcher for the College Of Education at […]

Autumn Food Creations: Fun Edibles for Kids!


  Getting kids into the kitchen to cook with you is not only helpful, it’s also fun. So why not find some new and exciting ways to engage them with cooking this fall? Within the collage below, you will find 12 imaginative recipes that are perfect for this season. Just grab the kids and head […]

Four Tips for Coaching your Child


As parents we may love to be involved in our kid’s lives through coaching. It’s a rewarding experience to watch your son or daughter become a pro from your excellent know-how of the game. However, before you pick up the whistle, you might want to consider these issues that both parent-coaches and children might face […]

How to Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

Photo by Jaime Chapin

When I was growing up as one of five kids, there was no shortage of story times in my family. Those moments spent poring over great books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar were incredibly special to me. I learned important lessons about sharing, respecting others, and maybe even why green veggies are better for you […]

20 Household Things to Stack and Build


Are you looking for creative and easy play ideas that you can engage in with your toddler? Ideas that don’t require you to purchase anything or even leave your house? The collage below boasts 20 different ideas for stacking and building things using everyday household items. Just gather these random things around your house and […]

June 1st is PAMP Family Day!

PAMP Family Day

The annual PAMP Family Day picnic is June 1st. PAMP hosts Family Day to celebrate its member families — and to show appreciation for the many volunteers who help make the organization successful. One of the biggest PAMP events of the year, the day will include fun for the whole family

A Bicycle Built for Three

Photo courtesy of Anona Dutton

One of my goals as a parent is to introduce my kids to as many fun and interesting ways to be active outdoors as I can. Family biking is not only a fun way to get outside and spend quality time together, it’s also a great workout. Biking as a family is something we do […]

Bargains, Baby! The PAMP Rummage Sale

Photo by Rebecca Alison

PAMP’s annual rummage sale will be happening from 9 a.m. to noon Sunday, March 10 at Cubberley Community Center in Palo Alto. Admission is free. “The PAMP Rummage Sale is a tradition that began pre-Internet and pre-Craigslist,” says Amourence Lee, PAMP’s executive director.   “Sometimes we ask ourselves if this event is still serving a […]

How to Choose a Summer Camp

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  There are a lot of good summer camps out there. But you want to send your kids to a great one. How can you rest assured you’ve found the “crème de la camp” without losing sleep over summer scheduling? Try this simple checklist to help you separate the great from the merely good.