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Member Musings: Next Time


I recently found this poem. I thought it would be fun to share with other PAMP members, as it takes on great meaning — especially with our busy lives as parents living in the Bay Area. The poet, Mary Oliver, won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. Read it for yourself and see what you think!

KidQuake Equals Kid Power


I recently attended a presentation at my daughter’s school called “The Celebration of Learning.” The entire presentation was focused on young change makers, i.e. kids who are making positive change for the greater good. Each grade level (K-5) researched, interviewed and spoke about a change maker and the outcome(s) of their efforts. It was incredible […]

Mother’s Day as a Milestone

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Will this Mother’s Day be special for the moms in our lives, or will it be a mere “Hallmark holiday”? Practically from the start, the commercialization of this holiday has been a concern. Early in the 20th century, the founder of the American version of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, recoiled at the growing tradition of […]

Songs for the Season

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Now that we are past Thanksgiving, the holiday season is officially underway. Usually, we break out classic holiday CDs while stringing up lights around the house (and on my daughter’s dollhouse) and taking in the scents of our special candles. I’ve always loved the comfort of Ella Fitzgerald and Brenda Lee. Even Frank Sinatra and […]

The Sayonara Summer Playlist

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Growing up, music was a major part of my family. My father would come home from work and load up his record player with some really great music for us to enjoy. Music was especially important during the days of summer. We always had the radio on in the car, and the boombox was blasting […]

Nurture Creativity in Your Children


Many parents are concerned that creativity skills are at risk among kids today because of too much time in front of the screen—television or games—and too much emphasis on learning by rote and standardized testing. Is creativity really that important? All children start with the ability to be creative. But if this ability is not […]

Finding a Great Private Music Teacher for your Child

Does your child love music? Ever wondered what to do about it?  Chances are, you’ve already been doing the right thing – observing her with wonderment as she hip-hops to upbeat music, or sings soulfully about stars twinkling in the sky.  You’ve filled her environment with music and opportunities for music-making.  But is it time […]