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Ask the Expert: How Can I Persuade My Husband to Get a Vasectomy?


Question: After decades on birth control, two pregnancies and years of breastfeeding, I’m done. I need my husband to step up to the plate and get a vasectomy. He’s agreed to consider it, but how do I get him to commit? I’d appreciate some advice and perspectives on how you talked about it, what the […]

Ask the Expert: Should We Have Our Child’s Skin Tag Removed?


  Question: Our daughter (age 1) has a skin tag just in front of her ear (a preauricular tag). She is for sure the cutest and sweetest kid, but her skin tag is kind of silly looking because it sticks straight out from her head.

Ask the Doctor: Does My Child Need to Take Vitamins?

Photo by Rebecca Alison

Happy New Year! Did you make a resolution? At this time of year, many of us resolve to improve the health of our families. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains provides optimal nutrition, but what about vitamins? As a pediatrician, I get many questions from parents about the use of vitamins […]

Dealing with Dental Trauma

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There is about a 50 percent chance that your kids will injure their front teeth by the age of 18. Two-year-olds are most likely to experience dental trauma to their primary (baby) teeth because of falls while they are learning to run. Dental trauma to primary teeth may affect permanent teeth. It depends on at […]

Ask the Expert: How Do We Handle After-School Meltdowns?

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Question: Our 3-year-old just started preschool this week. His teachers tell us that he’s doing great, and he really seems to like it. But when he’s home with us, it’s a nuclear meltdown a couple times a day! Clearly this is a really hard transition for him. I don’t want to indulge his tantrums, but […]

Ask the Doctor: What Is Infant Reflux?

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Four years ago as a new mom, I met another new mom who had an adorable six-month old baby boy—the same age as my girl— at a PAMP event. Another thing we had in common was that our kids were the ones who always had bibs on to catch their frequent spit-ups!  We became friends […]

Ask the Expert: Is It OK to Fight in Front of Kids?

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Question: My husband and I had an argument in front of our 3-year-old. On the scale, it didn’t seem that heated, but we were both very annoyed and upset. But there was never any swearing, name-calling or aggression. Months later, our son is still talking about it, saying, “Remember when you and Dad argued? I […]

Stress-Free Kids: A Conversation with Lori Lite

Photo courtesy of Lori Lite

Stress affects all of us, including kids. Learning how to deal with it is an important life skill. With this in mind, PAMP spoke with author and momtrepreneur Lori Lite of Stress Free Kids to get some insight on her approach. Q: What is a stress-free kid?

Common Dental Conditions and Care (0 to 5 Years Old)


Have you ever decided to be a ‘detective’ when it comes to your child’s dental health? Your child’s mouth could have an infection lurking, and if you find it early you could help to alleviate some discomfort and pain down the road. Infections in the mouth could indicate health problems elsewhere. That’s why, as a […]

Natural Remedies To Help Your Child Fight Colds And Flus

Sick (1 of 1)

With the school year and fall season in gear, your kids are exposed to more germs and may come home with a runny nose and sore throat. What can you do as a parent during this time to help prevent your kids from getting sick or, when they are ill, to alleviate their symptoms and […]

Natural Medicine: Ask the Doctor


I am 31 years old and, before I had children, I was very active—I swam, lifted weights, cycled and ran a little bit. When my kids were babies I let my exercise slide, but I have recently started exercising more and I love it.  I am cycling and lifting weights. However, I am really struggling with knee and […]

Safe & Healthy Sun: Ask the Doctor


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and a great time to start preparing for summer adventures! The incidence of skin cancer is on the rise, and it is never too early or late to start adopting safe and healthy sun protection habits. Sunscreen I would like to learn more about sunscreen for my two-year-old daughter. […]

All About Feet: Ask the Doctor

All About Feet

What is a podiatrist? A podiatrist, or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, is a doctor who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. DPMs have completed four years of undergraduate education typically in a premed program, followed by four years in a very specialized school of podiatric medicine. Over the years, […]

Chiropractic Health: Ask the Doctor


While nursing my daughter in bed, I often fall asleep while nursing her. This has resulted in a sore right shoulder and upper arm. It’s fine, unless I bend my arm behind or over my head, and then it really hurts. I’ve noticed that I can’t move my right arm to the same extent as […]

Adult and Pediatric Orthodonture: Ask the Doctor

What is the right age to consider Early (Phase one) Orthodontic Treatment for my children? Should I wait until they are 7 years old or when their 6-year molars are in? Do 6-year molars need to be all the way in, or just erupted? The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the first orthodontic