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Childcare in the Forums, plus 6 Tips to Get it Right!


Over the summer, a post about finding childcare providers through PAMP forums became a red-hot item. One mom’s experience led to disappointing results with two candidates canceling agreed-upon trials, and another saying she would not do light duty chores

Best of the Forum: Stay-at-Home Moms — What Do You Do All Day?


Hi there. I have a 13-month-old son. He is super busy. If we aren’t out and about by 9am, he is literally screaming the house down. I would like to do some new things with him because I am getting quite bored of the same stuff every day. This is what we do (if you […]

Best of the Forum: My child doesn’t want to invite someone – advice?


My preschooler’s birthday is coming up and we’ve come up with a short list of children he wants to invite to his party. He doesn’t want “girls” which made me chuckle (last year we had both boys and girls). I rattled off the names of boys at his school, and he wants to invite all […]

Best of the Forum: Sell, Rent or Buy new home?


We are seeking any advice from this wise community. We are trying to upgrade from our starter home. Given that most sales are zero contingency and many are all cash (!), it will be impossible for us to do so without first selling our home, then renting temporarily while looking for our next home. We […]

Best of the Forum: Age to Leave Child Alone in the Bath

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I’m hoping you can weigh in on a disagreement I’m having with my husband. At what point should I feel safe leaving my child alone in the bath for a few minutes? He’s almost three, and I don’t leave him for a second. But my husband does, and it makes me very nervous. My son […]

Best of the Forum: Preschool, Young Fives or Kinder?


Editor’s Note: Please keep in mind that kindergarten age requirements in California are in flux. This article highlights a PAMP forum discussion regarding kindergarten decisions for the current school year, when a child had to be age 5 by Nov. 1, 2012 to enroll. However, for the 2013–14 academic year, a child must be 5 […]

Best of the Forum: Summer Activities


    This month we mined the archives to bring you member recommendations for local parks with water features and farms that offer berry picking.  

Best of the Forum: Too Much Stuff


We have way too much stuff. We are about to start a remodel, and we need to clear things out. I don’t want to pay for storage as most of our stuff is not valuable. However, it is still good and useful. I’ve been using Freecycle and Craigslist to slowly part with some stuff, but […]

Best of the Forum: How Many Activities Is Too Many?

Best of the Forum

Obviously this is a very individual thing, with some kids thriving on tons of extra classes, and others resisting one or two, but how many do you think is too many for a 1st grader? My hubby loves that we have so many options around here and has signed up our son for something every […]

Clearing Clutter

Best of the Forum

I am considering hosting a garage sale as I have so much baby/kid stuff to get rid of before we move. I missed the PAMP rummage sale again this year because we were on vacation. Does anyone have any advice on hosting sales? Is it easier to just donate and get receipts for the goods […]

Earthquake Preparedness

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We just bought a home in Palo Alto and are in the process of getting all our paperwork/insurance in order. Our insurance company has offered us earthquake insurance along with the standard homeowners/flood insurance, but of course the earthquake insurance premium is pretty steep. We are first-time homebuyers and so have never gone through this […]

My two-year-old runs into the street! Ideas to keep her safe?

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My two-year-old, who used to obey me, now has a will of her own (no surprise there). Unfortunately, that includes wresting herself free from my grasp and running into the street. It happened yesterday when she was with her babysitter, and today with me. I caught her at the edge of the street, right as […]

ISO: Easy Camping/Glamping Ideas

Best of the Forum

I’d like to take my two-year-old camping this summer but my husband would need a hot shower and plug for the hairdryer. Years ago, we went to a beautiful place called TreeBone Resort in Big Sur that would fit all these criteria (plus free breakfast and pool!) but they don’t allow young kids. Does anyone […]