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Member Musings: Time to Learn


So, last week out of nowhere (7-year-old) William tells me he wants to learn how to ride his bike. From 0-60 it became urgent — he needed to learn right now! We didn’t have a bike that was his size, so there was some delay getting organized.  

A Kid’s-eye View of Friendship

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It’s amazing just how many big thoughts can be boiled down to a simple idea. Take the topic of friendship. Ask an adult what friendship is, and you’ll probably get a rather detailed and (possibly) dull answer. Maybe a laugh and an embarrassing story. Ask one of the younger set, and you’ll discover that friendship […]

Solutions to Typical Issues Parents Have While Potty Training

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Potty training is easily one of the most talked about events in the life of a toddler, yet it is often cause for great concern and stress among parents. Despite the hundreds of books and videos telling you the “simple” way to potty train your child, the majority of children learn to use the toilet […]

Member Musings: Tennis Balls and Laundry Baskets


A couple of weeks ago, my son was lucky enough to spend a week with his great grandparents. In preparation for our trip I crammed tons of toys and books into suitcases. When we left, I was nervous that I didn’t pack enough to entertain my son for an entire week.

Benefits of a Bilingual Education

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Bilingual Education has long been the norm in much of the world, but is only recently gaining more interest and publicity in the US. Despite some states’ politicizing of bilingual education, several types of immersion programs have a solid history in the US, and it is very exciting to see interest in them grow. More […]

Defining Success for Your Child

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All devoted parents want to raise their children to be successful. We want to give our kids the best shot at creating a good life for themselves. However, it is important that we understand just how we, as individuals and parents, define success. How do you define success for your child? Perhaps it means achieving […]

Whose Shoes: Build Your Child’s Confidence While Doing Less Work

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How often have you found yourself in a tizzy, searching for your child’s shoes as you’re heading out the door? Hunting for, picking out and putting on shoes is one of the many everyday chores that can add to our stress as parents, provoking feelings of frustration, overwhelm and resentment. This parent-child dynamic can continue […]

Best of the Forum: My child doesn’t want to invite someone – advice?


My preschooler’s birthday is coming up and we’ve come up with a short list of children he wants to invite to his party. He doesn’t want “girls” which made me chuckle (last year we had both boys and girls). I rattled off the names of boys at his school, and he wants to invite all […]

10 Tips for Introducing New Baby to Siblings

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Congratulations! A baby is on the way. One of your most important jobs will be to prepare your toddler for the role of big sister or big brother. This can seem challenging, but with a few tips, the last few months of your pregnancy can be an exciting time for your toddler and the entire […]

The Power of Touch: From Birth to Infant Massage

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For babies, the nine months of pregnancy may feel like one long, loving embrace. It’s not surprising, then, that studies support the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for mothers and babies from the moment of birth, throughout infancy and beyond. If you’re an expectant mother, you can enjoy these benefits by including immediate skin-to-skin contact with […]

How to Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

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When I was growing up as one of five kids, there was no shortage of story times in my family. Those moments spent poring over great books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar were incredibly special to me. I learned important lessons about sharing, respecting others, and maybe even why green veggies are better for you […]

10 Tips to Teach Your Child to Share

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Matthew, your 10-month-old screams. He is upset because his toy was grabbed from him. He snatches it back and now two babies are crying. Embarrassed and frustrated, this is why sometimes you don’t look forward to play dates. Eighteen-month-old Clara walks over to Sarah and tries to take the doll she is playing with. Three […]

All About Separation Anxiety

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It’s a common scene at any daycare, playground or birthday party: a crying child clinging to a parent who is desperately trying to convince the child to let go and join the fun. Almost all children have some aspect of separation anxiety during the first six years of life. Separation anxiety should not be feared […]

Learning to Observe Your Child

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As parents we often feel the need to direct our children, but Montessori believed we should follow them instead. How much time do you spend watching your child? I don’t mean watching half-heartedly while you are doing something else. I mean focusing your attention completely on your child for an extended period. There is no […]

Little Kids Can Help: How to Introduce Chores

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It would be great to have some help around the house, and getting little ones started early will pay off later. Although toddlers are too young to contribute effectively to the household, they love to help. Getting a toddler involved now instills a sense of belonging and helps your child feel needed.