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Member Musings: Late Night Entertainment


What are the odds that the baby could top last night’s performance? Because last night she pooped in the tub. And it was entertaining and indirectly helpful. Entertaining because I thought about that dookie scene in Caddyshack, that and my wife’s reactions to the baby’s excremental behavior are always worth a chuckle. Then the baby […]

Member Musings: Dog is My Dad


Conversation overheard at the park: Kid 1: No he’s not! Kid 2: Yes he is! My puppy IS my blood brother. Kid 1: How?

Member Musings: On the moon!


Our recent mama/child conversation:

Mama: Look — there’s a half-moon. Do you want to be an astronaut fly in a space ship to the moon?

Child: Nooo mama… I can’t go on the half-moon. I’d slide off!

How to Choose a Guardian

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Many parents know, from the moment they bring home a new baby, or at least from the time they start getting a decent night’s sleep, that naming a guardian for their children is one of those important grown-up tasks that they should do. But a lot of people just don’t do it. And it’s not […]

Defining Success for Your Child

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All devoted parents want to raise their children to be successful. We want to give our kids the best shot at creating a good life for themselves. However, it is important that we understand just how we, as individuals and parents, define success. How do you define success for your child? Perhaps it means achieving […]

Four Tips for Coaching your Child


As parents we may love to be involved in our kid’s lives through coaching. It’s a rewarding experience to watch your son or daughter become a pro from your excellent know-how of the game. However, before you pick up the whistle, you might want to consider these issues that both parent-coaches and children might face […]

My Advice for New Moms

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I recently attended a friend’s baby shower, and as she was about to be a first-time mom, the well-meaning party planners put up a well-meaning board where all guests could write “Parenting Advice”. As a mom of two young kids, I had to chuckle at the notes that were scrawled on the board: “Cherish every […]

How Parents Can Make Divorce — And Life After — Easier

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Divorce is stressful enough on its own, but add parenting to the mix and things are bound to feel overwhelming. While every divorce is different, there are some considerations you can make as a parent that can result in an easier process and transition. Prioritize Your Children Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you […]

Five Ways to Keep Lice Out of Your Life

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When I found my daughter Sierra scratching and scratching one holiday season, I thought she just had dry scalp from the  winter air. On Christmas Eve, I looked a little closer and was horrified to discover little critters crawling everywhere. I was about to receive an unwanted Christmas gift – a house full of lice. […]

Working from Home

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There has recently been much talk on the topic of working from home vs. working in an office. This was spurred in large part by Yahoo’s new work-in-office mandate, which aims to make the company more collaborative and the employees more productive. I don’t take a position on the mandate because everyone is different—many people […]

June 1st is PAMP Family Day!

PAMP Family Day

The annual PAMP Family Day picnic is June 1st. PAMP hosts Family Day to celebrate its member families — and to show appreciation for the many volunteers who help make the organization successful. One of the biggest PAMP events of the year, the day will include fun for the whole family

Back to Work: Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

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Making the decision to breastfeed is as personal as the decision to go back to work. If you’re a mom who wants to do both, here are some great tips to help you succeed. First, it’s worth knowing that, as a working mom, the effort it takes to breastfeed your baby can actually be a […]

Tips for Nurturing Your Significant Other During Pregnancy

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As a proud daddy to seven children between the ages of 4 months and 27 years old, I’ve learned my fair share about parenting and being a supportive daddy – not only to my children, but to my wife too. After all, she is the mother of my children, and by supporting her I reinforce the […]

How to Hire a Nanny


I often get calls from friends and family members who have recently had a bad experience hiring a nanny on their own. Most often, the reason that things fell apart can be traced back to the hiring process. The following are tips to ensure a successful employer-employee relationship. Follow up on background checks It is […]

Mother’s Day as a Milestone

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Will this Mother’s Day be special for the moms in our lives, or will it be a mere “Hallmark holiday”? Practically from the start, the commercialization of this holiday has been a concern. Early in the 20th century, the founder of the American version of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, recoiled at the growing tradition of […]