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Navigating Dinners with a Picky Eater: A No-Stress Holiday Guide

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Never is there a greater focus on food than at the holidays. And for parents of picky eaters, holiday meals can be immensely stressful family situations to navigate. If it wasn’t bad enough that you have to endure the never-ending playback of family stories from Great Aunt Bea, fate deals you a bum hand and […]

Book Roundup: Holiday Picture Books


 In my family, the kids look forward to the holidays all year long—which makes the season especially precious when it finally arrives. Holiday traditions like family time, feasts, and gift-giving and receiving are all part of what makes the season special. Another tradition that can add to the magic of the season is reading holiday […]

Give the Gift that Gives Back

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Each holiday season, the retail marketing wheels start spinning and our loved ones create lists to share with inquiring family and friends. Depending on your faith — or your belief in Santa — gifts abound, from everyday home items to the most expensive gadgets on the market. Although watching a child tear open a carefully […]

Autumn Food Creations: Fun Edibles for Kids!


  Getting kids into the kitchen to cook with you is not only helpful, it’s also fun. So why not find some new and exciting ways to engage them with cooking this fall? Within the collage below, you will find 12 imaginative recipes that are perfect for this season. Just grab the kids and head […]

Halloween Tips: A Few Tricks for Fewer Treats

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Remember the good old days, when Halloween funneled pounds and pounds of candy into the house—but not quite tons? For parents, dealing with the annual tidal wave of sugar can be a real challenge. We want our kids to enjoy their haul, of course, but that haul gets bigger every year. Halloween has changed. It […]

Songs for the Season

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Now that we are past Thanksgiving, the holiday season is officially underway. Usually, we break out classic holiday CDs while stringing up lights around the house (and on my daughter’s dollhouse) and taking in the scents of our special candles. I’ve always loved the comfort of Ella Fitzgerald and Brenda Lee. Even Frank Sinatra and […]

Giving Back: Tips for Volunteering with Your Kids

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As the holidays quickly approach and our thoughts turn to gratitude and giving back, you’ll find you get much more than you give by contributing your time to worthy local organizations—with your kids in tow. Finding nonprofits that allow toddlers to volunteer can be difficult, but they do exist. Working side by side with your […]

Have a Safe Halloween—the Kidpower Way

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Halloween is a special holiday, full of fun and adventure. Most children love the excitement of dressing up, pretending to be something or someone different, going to places that are festive and decorated and gathering treats. But all the wonderful things that make Halloween special and exciting can lead to problems that might be unpleasant […]

Host a Kid-Friendly Cookie Swap for the Holidays


With the holidays around the corner, we definitely have cookies on the mind. Baking with kids is a fun way to get the little ones in the kitchen and teach basic skills like measuring, math and making a mess (and then cleaning it up)! Consider hosting a “kid-friendly” cookie swap or

4 Stress Relief Tips for Holiday Shopping, Entertaining & Decorating


It’s official: the holiday season is here—evidenced by all those commercials. Does just thinking about all the shopping, entertaining, and decorating and your ever-shrinking budget send you into a tizzy? Relax. With a bit of thoughtful preparation and some helpful parameters, you can achieve the look and outcome

Best of the Forum: Holiday Traditions & Tipping

Best of the Forum

Holiday Traditions? Can anyone recommend a Christmas event in the area? I would like to do something special during the holiday season. I am looking for something that is low-key, that keeps Christmas magical and not commercial. Check out Festival of the Lights at Vasona Park (Los Gatos),

Change the Way you Celebrate Halloween


Who doesn’t enjoy this fun holiday? Kids love to get dressed up in their favorite character and parents have the fun of putting together the costume, even for little ones who don’t quite get it yet! Yes, it’s fun to take those pictures, but there are some down sides to Halloween. Gone are the days […]

Tips for a Fun, Stress-Free Kids Party

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In theory, we know that simpler is usually better, but when it comes to planning parties for our kids, we can sometimes feel that we have to make a major production out of it. It’s true that we don’t have parties every day and we want to make them special so the kids have fun […]

Seven Time Management Tips for the Holidays

Just when you thought your life couldn’t get any busier, the holiday season is here. Kids are home from school, relatives are visiting, the baking, the shopping—how in the world do you find time for everything? Here are seven time-management tips that will help you get the

Best Holiday Books and Toys for Newborns

The holidays are coming up again and if anyone you know is expecting or has just had a new baby, here is a list of award-winning books and toys for newborns. Best Books for Newborns Parents, especially new parents, are eager to begin reading to their child, but aren’t