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Organize Your Mail

Photo by Judy Baxter

When we were kids we looked forward to the mail delivery, but as adults we dread it. It’s not just the bills we hate, but the piles of flyers, solicitations, coupons, periodicals, circulars and advertisements. Ugh. I know what you’re thinking. “It takes more than ten minutes to go through my mail.” “I get so […]

Rummage Sale Savvy: Tips for Reselling Your Stuff


Nothing feels better than getting rid of clutter! We might not look forward to spring cleaning, but when it’s done, it feels wonderful. But what do you do with the boxes of toys and clothing that your kids have outgrown or aren’t interested in any longer? You have several options: Have a garage sale, participate […]

Minimalist Parenting

Photo by Loren Kern

When I first heard the title of Christine Koh and Ahsa Dornfest’s new book, Minimalist Parenting, I felt a wave of calm and relief come over my body. Finally, I thought, a parenting book which cuts to the chase and addresses the root of so many modern parents’ anxiety, worry and over-parenting issues, giving us […]

How to Tame Your Closet


How do you feel when you look into your closet? Do you feel excited by the great options? Can you quickly find what you’re looking for and pull together a great outfit? Or does looking in your closet instantly drain you? Do you have a heap of clothes on the floor every morning and end […]

Taming the Disorganized Child: Tools to Help You with Your Distracted and Disorganized Child


James, a middle-schooler, comes home from a long day at school and looks forward to downtime playing video games. After dinner, he searches for 15 minutes to find the scrap of paper where he wrote down his homework assignments, while his mother does the same, providing help that he does not appreciate. Upon finding the […]

Turn Laundry Drudgery into a Beautiful Thing


Before you had kids did you ever dream of how much time you’d have to take out of your life to do laundry? On these beautiful, bright sunny days, who wants to be stuck inside doing chores like laundry? While it’s not the most glamorous thing to do, it’s unavoidable and getting behind makes it […]

Clearing Clutter

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I am considering hosting a garage sale as I have so much baby/kid stuff to get rid of before we move. I missed the PAMP rummage sale again this year because we were on vacation. Does anyone have any advice on hosting sales? Is it easier to just donate and get receipts for the goods […]