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Shop Amazon Smile and Support PAMP!


Getting ready to do your Holiday Shopping? Did you know that simply by shopping online you can support PAMP? Amazon Smile is a program that runs where a small percentage of every purchase made is donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. This is a great program that gives everyone the chance to […]

Welcome 2 New PAMP Staff Members


As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the change of seasons to autumn, we here at PAMP also are saying goodbye to two long-time staff members while simultaneously welcoming two new staff members to the organization. We’d like to thank Alison Lee and Tatyana Ventura for their years of service to the organization, and welcome Ann […]

Five Questions for the PAMP Legal Director

Photo courtesy of M. Song

A long-time member of PAMP, Marissa Song has recently joined the Board of Directors as Legal Director. Marissa’s main role is to work with the other Board members in refining policies and procedures. She also drafts and prepares contracts that are needed to run PAMP events.

Five Questions for the Events Director

Photo courtesy of Letitia Truslow

Letitia Truslow is on the PAMP Board of Directors, filling the role of Events Director. A member for two years, her previous role with the organization included volunteering at events. Letitia’s current position focuses on spearheading strategic and tactical planning efforts for all events.

Five Questions for the Outreach Director

Photo courtesy of Maya Herstein

As part of PAMP’s recent re-organization, Maya Herstein transitioned from the role of VP of Communications to the role of Outreach Director. “This position was formed to overlook all outreach efforts, including all communications within our PAMP community (newsletter, emails, social media) as well as outbound communications

Five Questions for the Graphic Designer

Photo courtesy of Chloe Fung

Chloe Fung is the Graphic Designer for PAMP. She designs all marketing material for the organization, including the new PAMP postcard. “I don’t have a regular volunteering schedule, but work as things come up,” Chloe says. “Most of my day-to-day tasks are having conversations with the communication team and making edits. 

Five Questions for a PAMP Article Editor

Photo courtesy of Beth Sheofsky

Pulling together the PAMP newsletter requires a team effort. One integral part of that team is Article Editor Beth Sheofsky. A PAMP member for almost four years, Beth started volunteering by organizing the North Los Altos playgroup, but quickly moved to editing. She says, “I’m an English teacher and a grammar geek, and I love […]

Five Questions for the PAMP Mail Parent

Photo courtesy of Melissa McGregor

Melissa McGregor is PAMP’s Mail Parent. Before tackling her current position, she held the role of marketing coordinator with the communications team. A PAMP member for almost a year, Melissa says, “Volunteering has been a nice way to meet other moms.”

Five Questions for a PAMP Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simone

Kristina Simone is a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) Coordinator for PAMP. She enjoys being able to utilize her skills as an event planner, as well as finding creative ways to help parents feel special. Kristina likes to focus what she hopes will be the most fun places to have a MNO. She beams, “I have […]

5 Questions for the Outgoing Executive Director

Photo courtesy of Amourence Lee

This month, Amourence Lee is stepping down as PAMP’s (first-ever) executive director. She joined PAMP about three years ago as project director, and quickly moved into the role of executive director. Her passion and drive have made a lasting impact with the organization, including many positive developments over a long period of growth. Amourence is […]

Five Questions for a Mom’s Night Out Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Christine Moon

As a Mom’s Night Out (MNO) volunteer, Christine Moon works to understand the types of things that might bring the PAMP community together, and she then execute those ideas via social events. “I think it’s a great two-for-one deal,” she says. “I get to assess great social outings that may be enjoyable experiences for PAMP […]

Five Questions for the Dragon Babies 2012 Moderator

Photo courtesy of Charlene Cheng

Dragon Babies is a group of parents, moms and dads, with babies and toddlers born in the year of the dragon (2012). Charleen Cheng is moderator of this group, made up of over 100 members from San Carlos to Sunnyvale. Members host weekly playdates either at their house or a local park. “I love our […]

Five Questions for a Blanket Babies Host


Cheryl Bac hosts Monday’s Blanket Babies at Parents Place in Palo Alto. Her job involves attending Blanket Babies every week, greeting parents and nannies that attend and answering any questions about the group that may arise. She also manages email correspondence for the event as well. “It is so much fun to meet new mothers and […]

Five Questions for the VP of Membership Development

Photo courtesy of Sabina Kroes

Sabina Kroes is PAMP’s Vice President of Membership Development. “My job is to grow our wonderful community of parents, and to also enrich their lives and the lives of their kids by offering new opportunities and programs,” says Sabina. She moved into her current role after tenure as PAMP’s small events organizer.

Five Questions for the Board Secretary

Photo courtesy of Lori McCormick

PAMP Board Secretary Lori McCormick joined the organization in 2010 shortly after her first son was born. “It wasn’t until last year when I started taking my toddler to PAMP hosted activities and events that I discovered how amazing PAMP is,” says Lori. “Meeting the dedicated volunteers and staff that keep PAMP running is the […]