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Five Questions for a PAMP Subgroup Leader

Photo courtesy of Haley Carter

Haley Carter runs the new Toddler Time subgroup for PAMP. She and her daughter enjoyed meeting others in the Blanket Babies group, and wanted to have continuum — particularly as the kids move on to toddlerhood and become more interested in socializing among themselves. Thinking outside the box and trying new things are all par […]

Member Tips – Volunteering


As National Volunteer Week will be upon us next month (April 12-18, 2015), our Member Benefits focus this month is on volunteering. Volunteering is a membership benefit? Definitely! Two hours per year from each member is a small time commitment we ask of every member to enable us to offer such a rich portfolio of […]

Member Tips – BigTent Members Community


So you joined PAMP to connect with other parents, and yet you find that you are not sure just how to go about doing that. One of the easiest ways to connect and get parenting help is through our tnline tools. In this month’s “Membership Tips”  article, we would like to provide some tips on how […]

Five Questions for the PAMP Secretary


Amy Meese is Secretary for PAMP. She is responsible for scheduling and keeping the minutes of the monthly Board meetings. As Secretary, Amy needs to be meticulous about documentation, ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists regarding board meetings to meet legal requirements.

Member Tips – In a Pinch Program


Just got home from having a baby? Spent all night at the Emergency room with your child? If you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for some help, reach out to your fellow PAMP Members through our “In-a-Pinch” program. And if you have a bit of time and are able to help out someone who needs […]

Member Tips: How to Get the Most out of your PAMP Membership


Welcome to a new series of articles which we hope will help you to get the most out of your PAMP Membership. Each month we will highlight 1 or 2 features of your membership that you may not be aware of, or may know about but not be sure exactly how to take advantage of […]

Welcome 2 More New PAMP Staff Members!


Last month, we announced two new staff members — a new Membership Manager and a new Operations Manager. This month we would like to welcome 2 more new staff members: Jacqui Marchessini as our new Development Manager and Kristin Mulderig as our new Programs Administrator.

Shop Amazon Smile and Support PAMP!


Getting ready to do your Holiday Shopping? Did you know that simply by shopping online you can support PAMP? Amazon Smile is a program that runs where a small percentage of every purchase made is donated to a charity of the buyer’s choice. This is a great program that gives everyone the chance to […]

Welcome 2 New PAMP Staff Members


As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the change of seasons to autumn, we here at PAMP also are saying goodbye to two long-time staff members while simultaneously welcoming two new staff members to the organization. We’d like to thank Alison Lee and Tatyana Ventura for their years of service to the organization, and welcome Ann […]

Five Questions for the PAMP Legal Director

Photo courtesy of M. Song

A long-time member of PAMP, Marissa Song has recently joined the Board of Directors as Legal Director. Marissa’s main role is to work with the other Board members in refining policies and procedures. She also drafts and prepares contracts that are needed to run PAMP events.

Five Questions for the Events Director

Photo courtesy of Letitia Truslow

Letitia Truslow is on the PAMP Board of Directors, filling the role of Events Director. A member for two years, her previous role with the organization included volunteering at events. Letitia’s current position focuses on spearheading strategic and tactical planning efforts for all events.

Five Questions for the Outreach Director

Photo courtesy of Maya Herstein

As part of PAMP’s recent re-organization, Maya Herstein transitioned from the role of VP of Communications to the role of Outreach Director. “This position was formed to overlook all outreach efforts, including all communications within our PAMP community (newsletter, emails, social media) as well as outbound communications

Five Questions for the Graphic Designer

Photo courtesy of Chloe Fung

Chloe Fung is the Graphic Designer for PAMP. She designs all marketing material for the organization, including the new PAMP postcard. “I don’t have a regular volunteering schedule, but work as things come up,” Chloe says. “Most of my day-to-day tasks are having conversations with the communication team and making edits. 

Five Questions for a PAMP Article Editor

Photo courtesy of Beth Sheofsky

Pulling together the PAMP newsletter requires a team effort. One integral part of that team is Article Editor Beth Sheofsky. A PAMP member for almost four years, Beth started volunteering by organizing the North Los Altos playgroup, but quickly moved to editing. She says, “I’m an English teacher and a grammar geek, and I love […]

Five Questions for the PAMP Mail Parent

Photo courtesy of Melissa McGregor

Melissa McGregor is PAMP’s Mail Parent. Before tackling her current position, she held the role of marketing coordinator with the communications team. A PAMP member for almost a year, Melissa says, “Volunteering has been a nice way to meet other moms.”