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Five Questions for a PAMP Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Kristina Simone

Kristina Simone is a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) Coordinator for PAMP. She enjoys being able to utilize her skills as an event planner, as well as finding creative ways to help parents feel special. Kristina likes to focus what she hopes will be the most fun places to have a MNO. She beams, “I have […]

5 Questions for the Outgoing Executive Director

Photo courtesy of Amourence Lee

This month, Amourence Lee is stepping down as PAMP’s (first-ever) executive director. She joined PAMP about three years ago as project director, and quickly moved into the role of executive director. Her passion and drive have made a lasting impact with the organization, including many positive developments over a long period of growth. Amourence is […]

Five Questions for a Mom’s Night Out Volunteer

Photo courtesy of Christine Moon

As a Mom’s Night Out (MNO) volunteer, Christine Moon works to understand the types of things that might bring the PAMP community together, and she then execute those ideas via social events. “I think it’s a great two-for-one deal,” she says. “I get to assess great social outings that may be enjoyable experiences for PAMP […]

Five Questions for the Dragon Babies 2012 Moderator

Photo courtesy of Charlene Cheng

Dragon Babies is a group of parents, moms and dads, with babies and toddlers born in the year of the dragon (2012). Charleen Cheng is moderator of this group, made up of over 100 members from San Carlos to Sunnyvale. Members host weekly playdates either at their house or a local park. “I love our […]

Five Questions for a Blanket Babies Host


Cheryl Bac hosts Monday’s Blanket Babies at Parents Place in Palo Alto. Her job involves attending Blanket Babies every week, greeting parents and nannies that attend and answering any questions about the group that may arise. She also manages email correspondence for the event as well. “It is so much fun to meet new mothers and […]

Five Questions for the VP of Membership Development

Photo courtesy of Sabina Kroes

Sabina Kroes is PAMP’s Vice President of Membership Development. “My job is to grow our wonderful community of parents, and to also enrich their lives and the lives of their kids by offering new opportunities and programs,” says Sabina. She moved into her current role after tenure as PAMP’s small events organizer.

Five Questions for the Board Secretary

Photo courtesy of Lori McCormick

PAMP Board Secretary Lori McCormick joined the organization in 2010 shortly after her first son was born. “It wasn’t until last year when I started taking my toddler to PAMP hosted activities and events that I discovered how amazing PAMP is,” says Lori. “Meeting the dedicated volunteers and staff that keep PAMP running is the […]

Five Questions for the Board Treasurer

Photo courtesy of Jacquie Kush

Jacquie Kush is one of the new additions to PAMP’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee. After being a PAMP member for about a year, Jacquie Kush says, “I jumped right into the deep end with the Treasurer role!” Jacquie is responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of the organization, which includes ensuring that […]

Five Questions for a PAMP Playgroup Administrator

Photo by Bilyana Boyadjieva

Nina Sutaria is administrator for PAMP’s North Los Altos playgroup. Her duties involve coordinating playdates, setting the schedule, adding new members and facilitating communication. “Our first meeting, almost two years ago, included just me and one other mom,” she says, “But with time and perseverance, we have grown and now have an average of five […]

Five Questions for the Small Events Manager

Photo courtesy of Tai Clyde

Small Events Manager for PAMP, Tai Clyde, coordinates many of the activities you see listed on the club’s calendar. As one of PAMP’s paid staff members, Tai focuses on maintaining close contact with PAMP partners, updating events and responding to member questions. She notes, “I get to keep a close eye on all of the […]

Five Questions for the Board Chair

Photo courtesy of Masumi Patel

Masumi Patel is the Board Chair for PAMP, stepping into this new role just after completing her term as vice president of volunteer relations and secretary. Her job involves looking across the Board of Directors and the entire club to help ensure that activities are aligned with PAMP’s overall vision and mission. “A key goal […]

Five Questions for the Vice President of Legal

Photo courtesy of Emiliano Martinez

Although moms are the parents you most often associate with PAMP, the club has plenty of dads in its membership. One of them is attorney Emiliano Martinez, who serves on the PAMP board of directors as the vice president of legal. This means he advises the club on legal matters related to entering into contracts […]

Five Questions for the Membership Manager

Photo courtesy of Kristen Podulka

As membership manager, Kristen Podulka is one of PAMP’s paid staff members. “I serve as an information booth for PAMP members,” Kristen says. In her role, she handles all aspects of membership registration, both for new and renewing members and fields all registration-related questions. She also works to ensure that member contact information is complete and […]

Five Questions for the Vice President of Small Events


A member of PAMP’s board of directors, Chanden Moya is the vice president of small events. The small events team is behind most of the activities you see on the club’s calendar—whether it’s Blanket Babies or a recycling center tour—and Chanden leads this group of volunteers. “I have a fantastic group of women who volunteer […]

Five Questions for the In A Pinch Coordinator

Photo courtesy of Beth Nash

Beth Nash is the coordinator of PAMP’s In a Pinch program. This resource allows members in need to request assistance with meals or other help from fellow members. Beth is the person who connects the requesting member with the providing members. “The program is there for any member in need, “ Beth says. “You can […]