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What Do You Know About Identity Theft?

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Have you ever received an email from a “friend” urging you to send them money since they are traveling in a faraway country and they are now stranded? Their story recounts how they’ve been robbed and how they desperately need your help –and of course, that “help” is in the form of a wire transfer, […]

Member Musings: Fashion Pregnancy


There was never a time in life that I needed to dig VERY DEEP into my wardrobe than when I was pregnant. It seemed like day by day, my wardrobe was shrinking. Literally. And I have to confess, hormones with all my three babies, played havoc with my emotions and self-image, so I found this […]

Member Musings: Turn Off Your Inner Critic


My butt was plastered in the newspaper recently. Talk about a moment to take a deep breath and exercise turning off my inner-critic and practicing self-love. In all honesty, who DOES love having their butt plastered in the newspaper, for school parents to show you and say “Look, it’s you!” They are looking at me […]

3 Small Discipline Habits You Can Train

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While I’m not a fan of trying to be disciplined every moment of the day, there’s no doubt most of us could use a little more discipline in our lives. We procrastinate, we waste time with online distractions, we go an entire day without getting done what we really wanted to get done. How do […]

Member Musings: Why I Said Bye-Bye to the Scales


Guess what? It’s my anniversary. Not your typical anniversary though. It’s been ONE year since I got on my scales (to measure weight) and felt my stomach hit the floor. A feeling I was ready to wave bye-bye to — for good.

For me it does not create a positive body image. It highlighted things I didn’t accept about myself. We all have our body types, our DNA, our genetics – the things that make us unique. We are what we are.

I am blessed with this body, the three children it’s carried, the breath is gives me to go on about life and build cherished memories. And I’ll never weigh 130 pounds, unless I ate air for my three meals a day!

The final straw was on a trip to Australia for 5 weeks last summer. I simply adore Australian food, and any overseas expat will tell you that they totally gorge on all the scrumptious things they miss being overseas – the bakeries, the cheeses, the Cadbury’s chocolate made in Australia. Not to mention the consumption of wine at the constant catch up’s with loved ones. I also didn’t have access to my usual exercise routine, so working off that gorgeous food went to the wayside.

I got home and right back into my lifestyle program, as I have done for seven years now and have embedded into my life. I even joined a boot camp on Groupon. Moving along, I worked my butt off for about 2 weeks and got on those scales. It took me days to psych myself up. I had put on 4 pounds. My heart sunk, tears streamed out of my eyes and I sounded so utterly pathetic to myself. I called my husband in tears. He thought something severely catastrophic must have happened to call him in such a panic. “I put on 4 pounds.” It sounded like such a first world problem. And that’s when I realized it was out of control.

There are times in life where we have an unhealthy relationship with something or someone, and you need to detach yourself from that thing or person. That was the scales for me. It’s not healthy for me, it brings me down, it detracts from the awesomeness in my life.

A year later, and it’s been the best darn year in respect to my body image. I really want to celebrate myself, have fun with myself, highlight what I love about my body. Celebrate my delicious pear shape. I started to accept the things I could not change. I’m not a lover of my legs but instead of shaming that, I celebrate ways I can elongate them, wear what’s right for my body type.

This summer I put a photo of myself on Instagram in my swimsuit. Gasp. I never would have done that in a million years before.

Me floating in a pool in a bikini

Here I am sunning myself in Hawaii on my 39th birthday. I found myself a great bikini for the summer that let me have some fun with a season trend (high-waisted bikinis) and suited my body type. I’m loving life!

So here we are, a year later.

On my anniversary.

And a weight has been lifted from my shoulders — pardon the pun!

I appreciate everyone is unique and the scales won’t bring about panic for others that it did me. And I also appreciate that others have a weight loss journey that totally requires scales. My opinion is unique to me and not a reflection on what I think others should do.

It is important for me to maintain my weight. Diabetes is a big factor in my family so I am still very conscious to take care of myself in the present, to avoid future problems. I live by some general routines that are enough for me. I drink mainly water (the rare diet soda), a large portion of my diet are fruit and vegetables, I make sure I get my 8 hours sleep in at night, I go the gym 4 times a week as well as daily habits of walking and biking with the kids. And I go by my clothes. If my skinny jeans are feeling a little tight, I ramp things up a bit and it all evens out again. As well, for women, there are so many factors that can play with the scales such as your period, hormones, water retention etc.

PAMP’s Live Chat on Facebook – Make Mornings Easier!

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Transitioning from summer days to school days can sure be challenging! Are you ready for tips on how to make each morning smoother and calmer? Whether your child is getting off to day care, preschool or Kindergarten, simple strategies can make for a happier beginning to your day.

Member Musings: Declutter Your Space


I am embarrassed to say my house was very cluttered. My closet was overflowing — it was a struggle to physically access the clothes that were hanging. I could no longer see the floor in my home office. I had piles of things in every corner; I felt like I lived in a flea market.

Overwhelmed as a Mom of Multiples

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My babies were three days old when my husband offered to get take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. I said, “Yes,” just as I would have before the girls were born. But as soon as he left, I realized this was my first time alone with my twins. In the small, silent room, I […]

DIY Estate Planning: Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney

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Having a new baby ranks right up there with the world’s most disruptive personal transitions. There’s just nothing like major new responsibilities, sleeplessness, arguing with your spouse, placating your other children (and pets) and dealing with caring for someone 24 hours a day who can’t even hold up her head.

The Whys of Multiples

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Multiples attract attention, there’s no getting around it. People approach you in public, sometimes just to look at your babies and say “Aw,” sometimes to tell you about twins they know, sometimes to tell you they are a twin! Once a woman came up to me and, touching my amazing double stroller, said, “I wish they […]

Learning to Code at Age 5?

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Technology is changing our world, and today kids as young as five years of age are learning to program computers. Learning to code is not only helpful in promoting qualities that are important to nurture in kids — perseverance, creativity and confidence — but it is also helpful in gaining invaluable critical thinking and STEM skills that […]

Does Physical Exercise Make Kids Smarter?

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The stereotypical smart kid prefers reading to playing sports. The stereotypical below average kid prefers sports to learning in the classroom. The fact is these perceptions are flawed. Focus on academic achievement and lower budget levels has led many schools in the U.S. to diminish

Keys to Building Character

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With the loss of community in the past two generations (now “the village it takes to raise a child” looks more like a ghost town), an increasingly “look out for yourself” economy and a vulgar and self-absorbed culture penetrating every corner of our lives – including children’s television and advertisements – we really have to […]

What Inspires You to Get Fit?

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Where do you find your fitness inspiration? What keeps you lacing up you putting on your workout clothes? My own fitness dream inspiration has shifted over the years. Family can be your fitness inspiration. One of my own favorite inspirations is to realize how your own fitness can improve your

Member Musings: I LOVE My FitBit!

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Do you have out-of-shape mom friends who complain constantly about their post-baby bods and their inability to find anytime to exercise? Do these same moms sip four margaritas on Moms Night Out while quietly inhaling the whole plate of French fries? Do these moms also love to post photos of themselves (pre-baby, of course) on […]