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Member Musings: Living Life to the Fullest


Maybe the lesson isn’t to live each day as if it were YOUR last, but rather to live it as if it is everyone else’s last. What impression do you want to leave on that temporary life?  Look around at all you share this planet with and hold them dear. Is there some gesture unacknowledged, […]

Do You Prefer Childlike Wonder or Adultlike Wonder?

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The other night, I was at a dinner party, and a new acquaintance told me that he wanted to cultivate a life of childlike wonder and adventure. I was intrigued. What an interesting aim. I was particularly struck by his use of the adjective “childlike.” He used this phrase, “childlike wonder,” a few times, so clearly […]

Member Musings: Appreciation from a Long-Time PAMP Member


Having been a member since 1998 — back before we even had an e-mail group, when I spent many hours collating and addressing paper newsletters monthly . . . I think the membership was about 400? . . . and there was much discussion about whether or not to change the name from “Mother’s Club” […]

Overcoming Procrastination

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Procrastination, the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute, can be a major problem in both your career and your personal life. Side effects include missed opportunities, frenzied work hours, stress, overwhelm, resentment and guilt. This article will explore the root causes of procrastination and give you several practical tools to overcome […]

Paternity Leave: Play Ball

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Dear Mike Francesca, Boomer Esiason, and Craig Carton, I have no idea who you are. Really, I don’t. Sorry. I had to look up how to spell your names for this article. But I heard what you said about New York Mets player Daniel Murphy [missing two games for paternity leave]

Run Away?

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Has your child ever threatened to run away? They might. Someday you could hear the dreaded claim: “That’s not fair!” or “You are a bad mommy. I’m going to run away.” If this ever happens, how will you handle it? Will you threaten your child with taking away toys or even a spanking? Will you […]

Personal Genome Sequencing and Your Child: What You Need to Know

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Children today are born into a future their grandparents could have only imagined: scientists have sequenced the entire human genome — the full set of biological material inherited from our ancestors that plays a major role in our development, functioning and behavior — and a few businesses have made whole-genome sequencing available to the general public

Book Review: All Joy and No Fun

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In All Joy and No Fun, The Paradox of Modern Parenthood, author Jennifer Senior takes readers through a history and analysis of how modern parenting has become the paradox that it is today. Rather than asking, as most parenting books do, about what effect parents have on their children,

Kindness to the Earth — This Earth Day and Every Day!

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The theme of reduce, reuse, and recycle has become a part of our collective consciousness, right up there with wi-fi and coffee. We all know about it, we all know it’s a good thing, but how many of us actually put it into practice? Why should we put it into practice? More than just a triad […]

Member Musings: Thoughts on the Family Bed


I may not get the best night’s sleep, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Around the world, the “family bed”, or cosleeping, is more common than it is here in the states. My child is getting older, and so the bed is getting more cramped. Sometimes he is snuggled up on my chest, bringing […]

Don’t Ask Your Child To Apologize

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As a parent educator, I advise parents not to ask their child to apologize when they’ve done something wrong. This surprises many people! Parents, eager to teach their children good social skills, assume this is the way you do that. When a child grabs a toy from his sibling, hits her sister, or kicks your car […]

Please Stand Up

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For the last year or so I have been reading about how terrible it is for your health to sit at a desk all day. Working out for an hour a day cannot undo all the damage to your health and body that sitting all day at a computer causes (see this very disturbing article from the […]

5 Tips for a Tear-Free Child’s Hair Cut

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Your child needs a haircut but you delay making an appointment. Your hesitation is not so much of a time issue as it is one of angst. Often parents dread taking a small child to the hair salon. The crying and tantrums can make the experience miserable for everyone. As a family hair salon owner […]

For the New Year: Creating Your Habit Environment

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Let’s imagine that you’re going to change your diet — you’re going from eating chips, ho-hos, Double Down Chicken Sandwiches and taco “meat” in a Dorito shell, to eating fruits and veggies and beans and nuts and whole grains. Sound easy? But when you’re stressed and tired from a long day of rebranding meetings and […]

String Theory: How Playing The Violin Can Increase Academic Performance

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As a violin teacher specializing in young beginners, I have seen first hand the difference music can make in a child’s life. It is not just a vehicle for expression. Learning to play a musical instrument can increase a child’s attention span and academic performance. Roy P. Martin, researcher for the College Of Education at […]