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Member Musings: I LOVE My FitBit!

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Do you have out-of-shape mom friends who complain constantly about their post-baby bods and their inability to find anytime to exercise? Do these same moms sip four margaritas on Moms Night Out while quietly inhaling the whole plate of French fries? Do these moms also love to post photos of themselves (pre-baby, of course) on […]

How the Three C’s Can Protect Your Family Now

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Most parents of young children in Palo Alto and neighboring communities have attempted to take every factor into consideration with regard to living here so that our kids can attend the highly rated schools in our outrageously expensive neighborhoods. However, we may question our decision to live here when the news reports that multiple local […]

Member Musings: Partners in Storytime

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I love reading to my kid. Since he was a little guy, we would read stories together before naps, before bed, at night and at random periods throughout the day. It’s always fun to snuggle up with a little one and a book. There were times early on that I found I was able to recite […]

Pumping and Working – Notes from the Field

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Five years ago, when my first child was four months old, I went back to work at a small pre-IPO high-tech firm, determined to keep providing milk for my baby. At the time, the company had very few women, much less moms. I was fortunate to have one co-worker who showed me the ropes, and […]

Member Musings: Meditating in the Target Parking Lot


My son is obsessed with a few things, and it goes in cycles. Bey Blades, these little fancy spinning tops, Pokemon cards which he stores carefully in binders to show and trade with his friends, those rubber band bracelets, making origami cranes and paper airplanes

Who Do You Trust?

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If you’re anywhere along the pregnant/postpartum journey, you will doubtless have been inundated with advice and opinions on how you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing it. Given that parenting wisdom and know-how changes on a monthly basis, how does a new mom begin to discern what choices she wants to make for her baby and herself? […]

Member Musings: Why Hire a Doula?


When our son was born I didn’t know much about birth or postpartum doulas. Both were probably mentioned during our childbirth preparation class, but I didn’t look into either service. I didn’t know how painful/long labor could be, how hard it would be

44 Fitness Hashtags to Achieve Your Goals

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Fitness dreams can get sticky if you are online 24/7. The amount of information available from fitness experts can be overwhelming. Being online 24/7 can be a benefit or curse to your fitness goals. There are a ton of fitness experts and trainers

Member Musings: Holidays!


This time of year can be so magical for our little ones. While the consumer aspect of the holidays has gotten a bit out of hand (in my opinion), I can still revel in the imagery and beauty everyday people create in order to bring out happiness in others (and themselves) at this time of […]

Kickstart Giving With Your Kids

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My friends have been asking for simple tips on how to encourage giving with their kids. As with most things in life, there’s no magic formula. There’s also no shortage of online advice for teaching generosity and kindness to kids. I’ve summarized some of my favorite sites below for your scanning pleasure. My biggest piece […]

Member Musings: Body Image


Let’s talk body image. For years I’ve worked out really hard to get a “tight, toned body”.  Sometimes I feel really strong and toned, but most the time I am grabbing my extra weight and wishing it was gone. I know soooo many of you out there

Member Musings: We Can Do It!


After researching colleges and majors, my kids asked me if I ever feel like I wasted my education giving up my career and staying home with them. Women often seem to get questioned on their choices or doing what is necessary. Never have I felt my education (both traditional & spiritual) was more

Attachment Parenting Basics

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So how do you get started with Attachment Parenting? There are no rules, just a few guidelines to help you make the minute to minute decisions as you meet your baby’s needs. Trust your own instincts. You’re a mama lion, or a papa bear. You would protect this child with your life.

Connecting to your Baby Before Birth

If you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, it’s intriguing to explore ideas of how much you can actually get to know your baby before it’s born. There are many ways you can attempt to  ‘tune in’ and make contact, and strengthen the bond with your baby. Plus, it’s fun! Whether you have actively tried […]

You Can Be the Parent You Want to Be


Parents today struggle to be present with their kids as the 24-hour connectedness to technology and work often pull attention away from the present moment. Children feel this distractedness and act in ways to pull attention back to the present moment, to them, to meet developmental needs. Children haven’t changed much over the ages: their […]