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Healthy Start to the New Year — Plus Bonus Recipe!

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When introducing new foods, it’s helpful to give kids what I call a “food bridge”—an easy path to help them travel from familiar foods to new foods. Take, for example, risotto with sautéed kale and bacon. Your kids probably like the flavor of pasta. Invite them to take a taster — one very, very, small […]

Member Musings: Make Mashed Potatoes With Your Kids


Here is a great recipe to use in the kitchen with your kids, along with easy tips to make it fun for everyone!   Mashed Potatoes:  1. Gather up all the ingredients you need for your special family recipe of Mashed Potatoes.

Ethnic Cooking Secrets

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We all have those favorite ethnic dishes that beckon to us. We’re inexplicably drawn to them, but despite our trying, we can never seem to replicate them. What exactly is it about those dishes that enable them to have such a hold on our taste buds?

What’s in Your Lunchbox?

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I think most adults would agree that what kids bring to school for lunch—whether they’re preschoolers or elementary age—sure looks different than it did when we were in school. With food allergies on the rise, many schools restrict what can be packed for lunch to ensure a safe environment for all students. Often this means […]

Efficient Eats: How to Cook for the Whole Family

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Finding meals that can please both adults and children is not an easy task. Because parents do not have the time to run their kitchens like made-to-order restaurants, here are a few mealtime solutions that will ensure both child and adult have appealing options. And no one will have to spend all day in the […]

Partake in Picnic Season

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Spring is upon us, and it is the perfect time to get outdoors with your children and have a picnic. Take the opportunity to get out there before it gets too hot in parts of the Bay Area or too foggy in San Francisco during the summer. Picnics are an inexpensive and fun way to […]

Getting Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables


With spring in the air, let’s all embrace the fresh produce once again gracing grocery shelves and farmer’s market tables. And by “all,” I do mean all in your family. Your kids should also take part in the fruit and vegetable enjoyment. If that’s a challenge for you, these strategies might help.

Host a Kid-Friendly Cookie Swap for the Holidays


With the holidays around the corner, we definitely have cookies on the mind. Baking with kids is a fun way to get the little ones in the kitchen and teach basic skills like measuring, math and making a mess (and then cleaning it up)! Consider hosting a “kid-friendly” cookie swap or