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Come Out to PAMP’s Preschool Fair


“Last year’s preschool fair was a wonderful event!” gushes PAMP volunteer Jennifer. “I felt that the pacing and room layout was very conducive to talking to the representatives of the schools and just browsing.”

PAMP’s Preschool Fair is November 8th!


It is never too early to start thinking about your child’s Early Childhood Education experience. “A preschool fair is the best way to gather information about a large number of schools at one time,” says Stephanie Agnew of Parents Place. “The PAMP fair is one of the biggest preschool fairs

PAMP’s Live Chat on Facebook – Make Mornings Easier!

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Transitioning from summer days to school days can sure be challenging! Are you ready for tips on how to make each morning smoother and calmer? Whether your child is getting off to day care, preschool or Kindergarten, simple strategies can make for a happier beginning to your day.

Late to School . . . Again

Photo by Rebecca Alison

I laughed at a first grader who knocked over a row of bikes this morning. She was late to school, walking her bike the last few steps before parking it in front of the principal’s office. “Come ON!” her mom begged. “The bell just rang!” Their footsteps tapped along the sidewalk in a familiar, choreographed […]

Member Musings: Greening Your School

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Launched on Earth Day 2010 by four moms who wanted a better world for their children, Grades of Green is a California nonprofit that aims to make environmental protection second nature in young minds. Their website offers free instruction to inspire and empower students

Member Musings: First Grade

Photo by Rebecca Alison

First Grade, how did you get here so fast? I knew you would arrive eventually, and I admit that I was secretly impatient about the fact that you might have been taking too long to get here…at times. But, now you’re here and though I’m glad, I’m also feeling the bittersweet pain of what it […]

6 Tips for Getting Started Homeschooling

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It’s September, and for some of you this is a time to consider the homeschooling option, in addition to public and private school possibilities, to see which educational choice best fits your family. Perhaps your kids are very young, but you are delaying preschool and gathering more information about homeschooling. Or perhaps your kids are […]

6 Tips to Prepare for Kindergarten

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What guidelines at home will help your child be ready to learn at school? Ask yourself: Do I know the daily routines kids need, including how much sleep and exercise she needs? What are the best ways for her to spend her time after her day in kindergarten?

Evaluation Checklist for Early Childhood Programs

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This comprehensive checklist should help you evaluate the quality of any preschool or childcare program that you are considering for your child. Some of these criteria will be obvious as you observe, and some of them you will need to ask the director or a teacher about. These are good guidelines to look for, but the most […]

Choosing the Best Early Childhood Education Program

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The results are in: children who participate in quality preschool programs do better academically, professionally, and personally. A strong preschool program focuses on learning and development, teaching academics as well as critical social and emotional skills. The PAMP Preschool Fair on November 3rd will help you navigate through this important decision. 

Five Ways to Keep Lice Out of Your Life

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When I found my daughter Sierra scratching and scratching one holiday season, I thought she just had dry scalp from the  winter air. On Christmas Eve, I looked a little closer and was horrified to discover little critters crawling everywhere. I was about to receive an unwanted Christmas gift – a house full of lice. […]

Addressing and Overcoming School Anxiety

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 It’s become a morning ritual, one you’d rather not keep.  You wake your child for school, and immediately he or she begins complaining of feeling sick.  As the time to leave gets closer, your child’s symptoms become more intense … finally, you agree that he or she should stay home today.  Within hours, your child […]

Getting Ready for School

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Summers always go by quickly, so it is not too early to begin planning for your children’s return to school. Here are some ideas. Getting on Schedule If possible, transition your kids slowly from their summer schedule to their school hours and routines. One week before school starts, have your kids go to bed and […]

Finding Our Way to Homeschooling

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When my children were younger, I invested a considerable amount of energy into finding the best elementary school I could for them. At times this endeavor felt like a full-time job. In addition to the usual concerns over private vs. public school, educational philosophies and tuition costs, I had a persistent, nagging sense that our […]

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten and Beyond

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Not too long ago, before I was a parent, I was a Palo Alto Unified School District kindergarten teacher. One day, I opened an email from a neighborhood parent that shaped my perspective in life both as a teacher and a parent. This mother emailed every kindergarten teacher in the district wanting to know, “How can […]