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Member Musings: Let’s All Put Our Heads Down. Please.


So today at work, I was sitting at my desk, just sort of staring and not doing anything productive. You know, because I am dragging-tired. Like you are, most days, when you’re parenting a toddler who is going through yet another phase of waking up. Every. Damn. Night.

And as I was idly trying to decide between paying for an over-priced, carb-laden snack from our corporate auto-snack kiosk thingy or perusing the goings-on of family, friends, and random people on Facebook,  a faint recollection burbled to the top of my mind.

Remember those days in elementary school when your teacher had had it with the class and made everyone put their heads down on their desks? Well, 1) it occurs to me that s/he did this because s/he was dog-tired and had been dealing with a whole CLASSROOM of unruly children and 2) I almost wept at the joyous prospect that someone might not just ask but MAKE me put my head down on my desk.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone turned off the glaring fluorescent lights and said “OK, everyone. Heads down for ten minutes.” I would totally do it. I might anyway.

Sleep Terrors or Nightmares?

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Have you ever woken up to your child screaming or crying at night, appearing to be awake but unable to be consoled?  If so, your child may be experiencing night terrors (also known as sleep terrors), a condition in which the child is suddenly aroused from deep sleep and appears to be severely frightened. These […]

Member Musings: Thoughts on the Family Bed


I may not get the best night’s sleep, yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Around the world, the “family bed”, or cosleeping, is more common than it is here in the states. My child is getting older, and so the bed is getting more cramped. Sometimes he is snuggled up on my chest, bringing […]

Travel Sleep Tips: Keep Calm and Carry On

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Summer is now in full swing and that means travel for many families. If you have traveled with young children before, you know that it’s likely this adventure will create upheaval with even the best sleepers. Here are a few favorite tips to help keep your kids’ sleep on track when you travel. Set up […]

Do You Need a Hush Hour?

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Every child can benefit from a daily nap, but sometimes there is nothing you can do to get your child to actually sleep. But day after day, week after week, without a rest break can result in a fussy child prone to tears, temper tantrums and whining. A Hush Hour can provide a wonderful substitute […]

8 Sleep Tips for Every Child


Lack of sleep affects every minute of every day for every person in the family because lack of sleep isn’t just about being tired. Sleep has a role in everything — dawdling, temper tantrums, hyperactivity, growth, health and even learning to tie shoes and recite the ABCs. Sleep affects everything.

Tips to End the Bedtime Blues


For many parents “Bedtime” and the routines that go with it can be a time of frustration and annoyance instead of the warm, fuzzy and loving connections they want it to be. Asking for more water, additional trips to the bathroom, pleadings for another story or the ever-insistent claim, “But I’m not tired” can leave […]

Why Should I Swaddle?


Why is swaddling so important? In a single word: sleep. After nutrition, sleep is the most critical need for your child. Current research shows that swaddled babies sleep better. Sadly, many parents stop swaddling far too early and don’t even realize it. Sleep is critical for your child and for you.