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Member Musings: Thoughts from a Mom of a Special Needs Child


Most of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances know I have a special need child. Many of you may have friends who also have children with challenges. For most parents with neurotypical children, it may be uncomfortable for you to be around parents like me. You may not know what to say.

Member Musings: What is Autism?


Autism is a genetically-based human neurological variant. The complex set of interrelated characteristics that distinguish autistic neurology from non-autistic neurology is not yet fully understood, but current evidence indicates that the central distinction is that autistic brains are characterized by

Winds of Change – Raising My Special Needs Child

Photo courtesy of Miriam Mark

I am the mom of an eight-year-old child with special needs. He has challenging behaviors and severe ADD, as well as speech delays, educational delays and a myriad of other issues. It is hard to categorize him, so I usually describe him as “just not like other kids.” If most children are on an upward […]

Preparing for Unexpected Life Changes


As a parent, you know that life can change in an instant, and that’s why you take steps to minimize your children’s risk or exposure. You invest in the very best car seats, cabinet locks, helmets and other protective gear—all in the name of keeping your children safe. Yet the most important protection for a […]

Will She Grow Out of It, or Is It Dyslexia?


Sara swept her vibrant red hair out of her face as she smiled up at me, clearly pleased with herself and seeking praise for the fact that she had completed her reading beautifully. What a change from the tentative reader I had met 1 year earlier. In fact, “reader” would not have been the right […]

Sensitive Children and the Start to a New School Year


You had a wonderful summer, and the stress from surviving the previous school year has finally dissipated. Now it is September and you are nervous that your son, Michael, will begin to withdraw or become emotional again. You hope he doesn’t miss too many days of school this year, but you know Michael simply doesn’t […]