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Latitude Food Allergy Care —

Published on 7/23/2019

founded by moms to support and help other food allergic moms protect their children from food allergies. 

Nationwide, more than 32 million Americans are impacted by food allergy — an estimated 1 in 13 children (2 in every classroom!) and more than 1 in 10 adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of food allergy in children increased by 50 percent from 1997 to 2011, and it continues to rise. 

As a young child, Tessa went to the emergency room multiple times with near-fatal food allergy reactions to dairy and wheat. Before she was 4 years old, Megan could only tolerate prescription formula as her sole source of nutrition — all other foods were potentially dangerous. On their first birthday, twins Josh and Sam simultaneously reacted to their shared birthday cake with swollen eyes and hives. Their families shared a mission to find a solution for their children’s life-threatening food allergies, and each were fortunate to have access to life-changing oral immunotherapy (OIT) treatment through clinical trials at Stanford.  

Incredibly grateful, moms Kimberley Yates (Grosso) of Menlo Park, Julie Bitler of Palo Alto, and Debbie Taback of Mountain View, are now committed to helping all food allergic families have access to specialized care that has not been available — until now. Along with a team of experts, including board certified allergist and immunologist Dr. Rani Maskatia, and a nationwide medical advisory board, they have co-founded Latitude Food Allergy Care to give all families access to the focused food allergy care and support they need. As the first clinic of its kind, Latitude uses an individualized approach that focuses on both the latest treatments and quality of life for the entire family.

The Latitude clinic in Redwood City uniquely provides accurate diagnosis; oral food challenges; food desensitization with multi allergen OIT; early food introduction for infants; 24/7 access to the clinical team; safe treatment plans based on research from Stanford, UCSF, Baylor and other top institutions; Patient Care Coordinators with personal experience; and a warm, welcoming clinic space.  

11 year-old Ben and his mother Katherine of Palo Alto, shared that they’ve had an excellent experience overall as patients at Latitude. Katherine said, “My child felt comfortable, heard, supported. He initially went through several food challenges to more accurately diagnose his allergies. With OIT, Ben is well on his way to being desensitized to peanuts, walnuts, and hazelnuts utilizing the most innovative research from Stanford and other institutions. It has already been life changing. The Latitude team is brilliant and incredibly compassionate.” Read more patient stories on the Latitude Patient Stories page. 

Latitude is a member of UCSF Benioff Children’s Physicians, accepts insurance and offers flexible weekday hours and Saturday appointments. Read more about Latitude and their story, and follow Latitude on Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter. Contact or (650) 466-6224 for a complimentary consult with a patient care coordinator. And be sure to visit us at PAMP Family Day on Sunday!